Alfa Aesar

Paraformaldehyde, 16% w/v aq. soln., methanol free, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 50-00-0 Molecular Formula: CH2O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 30.03 MDL Number: MFCD00133991 InChI Key: WSFSSNUMVMOOMR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: formalin, formic aldehyde, formol, methanal, methyl aldehyde, methylene oxide, oxomethane, oxymethylene, paraform, paraformaldehyde PubChem CID: 712 ChEBI: CHEBI:16842 IUPAC Name: formaldehyde SMILES: C=O

Alfa Aesar™ Paraformaldehyde, 4% in PBS

CAS: 30525-89-4 Molecular Formula: CH2O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 30.026 MDL Number: MFCD00133991 InChI Key: WSFSSNUMVMOOMR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: formalin, formic aldehyde, formol, methanal, methyl aldehyde, methylene oxide, oxomethane, oxymethylene, paraform, paraformaldehyde PubChem CID: 712 ChEBI: CHEBI:16842 IUPAC Name: formaldehyde SMILES: C=O

Magnesium chloride, anhydrous, 99%, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 7786-30-3 Molecular Formula: Cl2Mg Molecular Weight (g/mol): 95.205 MDL Number: MFCD00011106 InChI Key: TWRXJAOTZQYOKJ-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: chloromagnesite, magnesium 2+ ion dichloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium chloride anhydrous, magnesium chloride, anhydrous, magnesium ii chloride, magnesiumchlorid, mgcl2 PubChem CID: 5360315 ChEBI: CHEBI:6636 IUPAC Name: magnesium;dichloride SMILES: [Mg+2].[Cl-].[Cl-]

Alfa Aesar™ Sodium hydroxide, pellets, 98%

CAS: 1310-73-2 MDL Number: MFCD00003548

Alfa Aesar™ PBS (Phosphate-buffered Saline), 1x, sterile

specifically formulated buffer solution and is used for reconstituting sterile cytokines or antibodies

Alfa Aesar™ Polyvinylpyrrolidone, M.W. 40,000

CAS: 9003-39-8 Molecular Formula: C6H9NO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 111.144 MDL Number: MFCD00149016 InChI Key: WHNWPMSKXPGLAX-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone, 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone, 1-vinylpyrrolidin-2-one, 1-vinylpyrrolidone, 2-pyrrolidinone, 1-ethenyl, n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone, n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone, n-vinylpyrrolidinone, n-vinylpyrrolidone, vinylpyrrolidone PubChem CID: 6917 ChEBI: CHEBI:82551 IUPAC Name: 1-ethenylpyrrolidin-2-one SMILES: C=CN1CCCC1=O

Sodium hexametaphosphate, Technical grade, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 10124-56-8 Molecular Formula: Na6O18P6 MDL Number: MFCD00136045 Synonym: Sodium metaphosphate

Alfa Aesar™ 3'-Amino-2',3'-dideoxythymidine, 99%

CAS: 52450-18-7 Molecular Formula: C10H15N3O4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 241.247 MDL Number: MFCD00038057 InChI Key: ADVCGXWUUOVPPB-XLPZGREQSA-N Synonym: 1-2r,4s,5s-4-amino-5-hydroxymethyl oxolan-2-yl-5-methyl-3h-pyrimidine-2,4-dione, 1-2r,4s,5s-4-amino-5-hydroxymethyl oxolan-2-yl-5-methylpyrimidine-2,4-dione, 1-2r,4s,5s-4-amino-5-hydroxymethyl tetrahydrofuran-2-yl-5-methyl-pyrimidine-2,4-dione, 1-2r,4s,5s-4-amino-5-hydroxymethyl tetrahydrofuran-2-yl-5-methylpyrimidine-2,4 1h,3h-dione, 3'-amino-2',3'-dideoxythymidine, 3'-amino-3'-deoxy-d-thymidine, 3'-amino-3'-deoxythymidine, 3'-deoxy-3'-aminothymidine, thymidine, 3'-amino-3'-deoxy, unii-7w21m0c25b PubChem CID: 108074 IUPAC Name: 1-[(2R,4S,5S)-4-amino-5-(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl]-5-methylpyrimidine-2,4-dione SMILES: CC1=CN(C(=O)NC1=O)C2CC(C(O2)CO)N

Alfa Aesar™ Petroleum ether 60/80

CAS: 8032-32-4 MDL Number: MFCD00081849 Synonym: 4-methylphenylmagnesium bromide, 4-methylphenylmagnesiumbromide, 4-toluylmagnesium bromide, 4-tolyl magnesium bromide, 4-tolylmagnesium bromide, bromo 4-methylphenyl magnesium, magnesium, bromo 4-methylphenyl, p-methylphenylmagnesium bromide, p-tolyl-magnesium bromide, p-tolylmagnesium bromide

Alfa Aesar™ Ethylene carbonate, 99%

CAS: 96-49-1 Molecular Formula: C3H4O3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 88.062 MDL Number: MFCD00005382 InChI Key: KMTRUDSVKNLOMY-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: 1,3-dioxacyclopentan-2-one, 2-dioxolone, carbonic acid, cyclic ethylene ester, cyclic ethylene carbonate, dioxolone-2, ethylene carbonate, ethylene carbonic acid, ethylene glycol carbonate, glycol carbonate, texacar ec PubChem CID: 7303 IUPAC Name: 1,3-dioxolan-2-one SMILES: C1COC(=O)O1

Alfa Aesar™ Dow Corning™ High-Vacuum Grease

Used as an anti-seize grease in ground glass joints. It is used to lubricate synthetic and silicone rubber gaskets. Further, it is used to lubricate plug valves, control valves, flow meter bearings, ceramic plug cocks and fire extinguisher valves.

Silicone Oil, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 63148-62-9 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 0.00 MDL Number: MFCD00132673

Sodium hypochlorite, 14.5% available chlorine, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 7681-52-9 Molecular Formula: ClNaO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 74.439 MDL Number: MFCD00011120 InChI Key: SUKJFIGYRHOWBL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: antiformin, carrel-dakin solution, chlorox, clorox, hypochlorite sodium, hypochlorous acid, sodium salt, javelle water, javex, sodium hypochlorite, sodium oxychloride PubChem CID: 23665760 ChEBI: CHEBI:32146 IUPAC Name: sodium;hypochlorite SMILES: [O-]Cl.[Na+]

Calcium carbonate, chelometric standard, ACS, 99.95 to 100.05%, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 471-34-1 Molecular Formula: CCaO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 100.086 MDL Number: MFCD00010906 InChI Key: VTYYLEPIZMXCLO-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: aeromatt, akadama, aragonite, calcite, calcium carbonate, calofort u, carbonic acid calcium salt 1:1, chalk, limestone, marble PubChem CID: 10112 ChEBI: CHEBI:3311 IUPAC Name: calcium;carbonate SMILES: C(=O)([O-])[O-].[Ca+2]

Platinum Powder, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 7440-06-4 Molecular Formula: Pt Molecular Weight (g/mol): 195.08 MDL Number: MFCD00011179 InChI Key: BASFCYQUMIYNBI-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: black, iv ion, metal, platin, platin german, platine, platino, platinum, elemental, platinum, metal, sponge PubChem CID: 23939 ChEBI: CHEBI:33400 IUPAC Name: platinum SMILES: [Pt]

Perchloric acid, 0.1N in Acetic Acid Standardized Solution, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 7601-90-3 Molecular Formula: ClHO4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 100.454 MDL Number: MFCD00011325 InChI Key: VLTRZXGMWDSKGL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: hclo4, hyperchloric acid, perchioric acid, perchloric acid, perchloric acid acid by mass forbidden, perchloric acid, acs reagent, perchlorsaeure, ueberchlorsaeure, unii-v561v90bg2 PubChem CID: 24247 ChEBI: CHEBI:29221 IUPAC Name: perchloric acid SMILES: OCl(=O)(=O)=O

Ethylenediamine, 99%, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 107-15-3 Molecular Formula: C2H8N2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.1 MDL Number: MFCD00008204 InChI Key: PIICEJLVQHRZGT-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: 1,2-diaminoethane, 1,2-ethanediamine, 1,2-ethylenediamine, aethaldiamin, aethylenediamin, dimethylenediamine, edamine, ethylendiamine, ethylene diamine, ethylenediamine PubChem CID: 3301 ChEBI: CHEBI:30347 IUPAC Name: ethane-1,2-diamine SMILES: C(CN)N

N,N-Dimethylformamide, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 68-12-2 Molecular Formula: C3H7NO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 73.095 MDL Number: MFCD00003284 InChI Key: ZMXDDKWLCZADIW-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: dimethyl formamide, dimethylformamid, dimethylformamide, dimetilformamide, dmf, dmfa, dwumetyloformamid, formamide, n,n-dimethyl, n,n-dimethylmethanamide, n-formyldimethylamine PubChem CID: 6228 ChEBI: CHEBI:17741 IUPAC Name: N,N-dimethylformamide SMILES: CN(C)C=O

Trifluoroacetic acid, HPLC Grade, >99.5%, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 76-05-1 Molecular Formula: C2HF3O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 114.023 MDL Number: MFCD00004169 InChI Key: DTQVDTLACAAQTR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: acetic acid, trifluoro, cf3cooh, kyselina trifluoroctova, perfluoroacetic acid, trifluoracetic acid, trifluoro acetic acid, trifluoro-acetic acid, trifluoroacetic acid, trifluoroaceticacid, trifluoroethanoic acid PubChem CID: 6422 ChEBI: CHEBI:45892 IUPAC Name: 2,2,2-trifluoroacetic acid SMILES: C(=O)(C(F)(F)F)O

Alfa Aesar™ Denatonium benzoate

CAS: 3734-33-6 Molecular Formula: C28H34N2O3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 446.591 MDL Number: MFCD00031578 InChI Key: VWTINHYPRWEBQY-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: anispray, aversion, bitrex, caswell no. 083bb, denatonium benzoate, denatonium benzoate anhydrous, gori, lidocaine benzyl benzoate, unii-m5ba6gaf1o PubChem CID: 19518 IUPAC Name: benzyl-[2-(2,6-dimethylanilino)-2-oxoethyl]-diethylazanium;benzoate SMILES: CC[N+](CC)(CC1=CC=CC=C1)CC(=O)NC2=C(C=CC=C2C)C.C1=CC=C(C=C1)C(=O)[O-]

Alfa Aesar™ Hydrochloric acid, 50% v/v aq. soln.

CAS: 7647-01-0 Molecular Formula: ClH Molecular Weight (g/mol): 36.458 MDL Number: MFCD00011324 InChI Key: VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: acide chlorhydrique, anhydrous hydrochloric acid, chloorwaterstof, chlorohydric acid, chlorwasserstoff, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen chloride hcl, muriatic acid, spirits of salt PubChem CID: 313 ChEBI: CHEBI:17883 IUPAC Name: chlorane SMILES: Cl

Alfa Aesar™ Potassium hydroxide, pellets, 85%

CAS: 1310-58-3 MDL Number: MFCD00003553 Synonym: caswell no. 693, caustic potash, hydroxyde de potassium, potash lye, potassa, potasse caustique, potassium hydrate, potassium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide k oh, potassium hydroxide solution

Methanol, HPLC Grade, >99.8%, Alfa Aesar™, Ultrapure

CAS: 67-56-1 Molecular Formula: CH4O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 32.042 MDL Number: MFCD00004595 InChI Key: OKKJLVBELUTLKV-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: carbinol, colonial spirit, columbian spirit, methyl alcohol, methyl hydroxide, methylol, pyroxylic spirit, wood alcohol, wood naphtha, wood spirit PubChem CID: 887 ChEBI: CHEBI:17790 IUPAC Name: methanol SMILES: CO

Alfa Aesar™ Sodium salicylate, 99%

CAS: 54-21-7 Molecular Formula: C7H5NaO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 160.104 MDL Number: MFCD00002440 InChI Key: ABBQHOQBGMUPJH-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: clin, enterosalicyl, enterosalil, entrosalyl, glutosalyl, kerasalicyl, magsalyl, salsonin, sodium 2-hydroxybenzoate, sodium salicylate PubChem CID: 16760658 ChEBI: CHEBI:9180 IUPAC Name: sodium;2-hydroxybenzoate SMILES: C1=CC=C(C(=C1)C(=O)[O-])O.[Na+]

Polyethylene glycol 4,000, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 25322-68-3 Molecular Formula: H(OCH2CH2)nOH MDL Number: MFCD01779612 Synonym: PEG 4000

Magnesium sulfate, anhydrous, 99.5% min, Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 7487-88-9 Molecular Formula: MgO4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 120.361 MDL Number: MFCD00011110 InChI Key: CSNNHWWHGAXBCP-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: bitter salt, magnesium sulfate, magnesium sulfate 1:1, magnesium sulfate anhydrous, magnesium sulphate, mgso4, sal angalis, sal de sedlitz, sulfuric acid magnesium salt 1:1, tomix ot PubChem CID: 24083 ChEBI: CHEBI:32599 IUPAC Name: magnesium;sulfate SMILES: [O-]S(=O)(=O)[O-].[Mg+2]

Alfa Aesar™ Cobalt powder, 1.6 micron, 99.8% (metals basis)

CAS: 7440-48-4 Molecular Formula: Co Molecular Weight (g/mol): 58.933 MDL Number: MFCD00010935 InChI Key: GUTLYIVDDKVIGB-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: atom, co1+, cobalt, ion co1+, cobalto, cobaltum, hydride, hydrido, kobalt, moncation, powder PubChem CID: 104730 ChEBI: CHEBI:27638 IUPAC Name: cobalt SMILES: [Co]

Iron powder, -200 mesh, 99+% (metals basis), Alfa Aesar™

CAS: 7439-89-6 Molecular Formula: Fe Molecular Weight (g/mol): 55.845 MDL Number: MFCD00010999 InChI Key: XEEYBQQBJWHFJM-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: 3zhp, ancor b, armco, atomiron 5m, ferrous, ferrovac, ferrum, hoeganaes eh, iron, elemental, remko PubChem CID: 23925 ChEBI: CHEBI:82664 IUPAC Name: iron SMILES: [Fe]

Alfa Aesar™ 4-Nitrophenol, 99%

CAS: 100-02-7 Molecular Formula: C6H5NO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 139.11 MDL Number: MFCD00007331 InChI Key: BTJIUGUIPKRLHP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: 4-hydroxynitrobenzene, mononitrophenol, niphen, p-hydroxynitrobenzene, p-nitrophenol, paranitrofenol, paranitrofenolo, paranitrophenol, phenol, 4-nitro, phenol, p-nitro PubChem CID: 980 ChEBI: CHEBI:16836 IUPAC Name: 4-nitrophenol SMILES: C1=CC(=CC=C1[N+](=O)[O-])O