Classroom Dishes

Fisherbrand™ Plastic Petri Dishes

Ideal plastic Petri dishes for lab use.

Eisco™ Mortar and Pestle Set

Features a flat bottom, unglazed grinding surfaces, and spout for easy pouring. Eisco™ Mortar and Pestle Set is made from lab quality porcelain and designed for efficient and uniform grinding of various materials.

Kord™ Slippable Petri Dishes

For standard microbiology and general laboratory use.

Eisco™ Porcelain Evaporating Basins with Spouts

Glazed porcelain evaporating basins include spouts for easy, mess free pouring. Designed to withstand high temperatures during drying applications including use in an oven or microwave to produce concentrated solutions or a precipitate by evaporating excess solvent.

Kord™ Stackable Petri Dishes

For standard microbiology and general laboratory use.

GSC Go Science Crazy Petri Dishes

For general laboratory use. GSC International Petri Dishes are made of polystyrene

United Scientific Supplies Disposable Petri Dishes

These disposable dishes offer excellent clarity and strength.

Fisherbrand™ Porcelain Mortars

Glazed outside except bottom and unglazed inside.

PYREX™ Glass Evaporating Dishes

Rugged beaded rims prevent liquids from dripping.

Fisherbrand™ Evaporating Dishes

Useful for a variety of evaporating processes and ashing.

Syracuse Watch Glasses

Easily stackable watch glasses.

Corning™ VISTA™ Petri Culture Dishes

Flat, clear dishes feature beaded edges for greater mechanical strength.

Lab-Aids™ Chemplates™ Reaction Plate

An inexpensive way to conduct safe and effective laboratory experiments.

United Scientific Supplies Watch Glasses

For covering boiling solutions.

PYREX™ Watch Glasses

Heavy walls and uniform fire-polished edges for strength.

United Scientific Supplies Porcelain Casseroles

Porcelain casserole dishes with porcelain handles.