Classroom Clamps and Supports

Eisco™ Double Burette Clamp

Suited to hold two burettes up to 100mL.

Eisco™ Metalware Set

One each base, rod, boss head, clamp and retort ring.

American Educational Products Tripod Base Support Stands

Heavy-duty, tripod base support stands provide years of solid support in the laboratory.

United Scientific Supplies 3 Prong Heavy Duty Extension Clamp with Stainless Steel Rod

Overall lenth is 10.75 in., 5 in. extension rod, maximum grip size of 3.25 in.

Eisco™ 8 in. x 5 in. Steel Support Ring Stand with 3 Rings, 8 in. Length x 5 in. Width Base

EISCO Support ring stand set is for laboratory use, and contains a 8 in.x 5 in. base, 20 in. x 3/8 in. dia rod, 3 Support rings Sizes (3 in., 4 in., and 5 in.) 

Eisco™ Premium Two Prong Clamp

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Premium Two Prong Clamp is an industrial two prong clamp for burettes, flasks, and beaker clamps.

Eisco™ Premium Two Prong Clamp w/ Boss Head Attachment

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Premium Two Prong Clamp w/ Boss Head Attachment is an industrial,rubber-coated clamp for burettes, flasks, and beaker clamps with a swivel boss head attachment.

GSC Go Science Crazy Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks

A great addition to any lab in which a small burner is needed. Made of durable metal to prevent breakage. The GSC Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks is an all metal, permanent wick alcohol burner with a capacity 100ml tank. The wick portion is a ceramic fiber inserted into a thin copper tube. This construction allows for constant flame. The burner is fueled by high quality alcohol which can be found in most local hardware stores.

Eisco™ 3 Prong Clamp with Boss head - Stainless Steel

Universal 3 pronged clamp with chemical resistant PVC coated jaws. 9.5 in. Total length with a convenient tightening screw for a secure hold. Clamp comes with boss head that opens to approximately 1 in.

Eisco™ Chemistry Lab Starter Set

This basic chemistry lab set consists of: 1 retort base, 1 rod, 1 retort ring (75mmdia) 1 retort ring (100mmdia), 1 double burette clamp, 1 2-prong adjustable clamp.

United Scientific Supplies Flask Tongs

Used to grip hot flasks.

Eisco™ 3 Prong Clamp - PVC Coated Diecast Jaw - 3.5 in. (90mm) Jaw Capacity

High quality, durable 3 prong clamp with pvc coated die cast jaw that holds up to a 90mm or 3.5 in. capacity. Clamp tightens securely using a convenient thumbscrew. Overall clamp length is 10.5 in. and the diameter of the rod is 8mm or about .3 in.

Eisco™ Premium Large Three Finger Clamp

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Premium Large Three Finger Clamp is an industrial clamp that has rubber coated fingers.

Eisco™ Stand and Rod Kit

Basic laboratory assembly in an economical kit

Eisco™ Premium Square Head Boss Head Clamp

Able to hold rods up to 15mm in diameter.

United Scientific Supplies Clamp Holder

For rods up to 19mm in diameter.

Eisco™ Boss Head Clamp, Die Cast Alloy, Powder Coated Finish, up to 16mm Rods

For use with laboratory stands, this popular boss head is made of die casted alloy with a powder coat finish. It accepts rods up to 16mm in diameter. Metal thumbscrews allow for adjustment. Measures approx 11x3x3cm.

Eisco™ Stainless Steel Retort Ring, Closed

Available in a variety of sizes

GSC Go Science Crazy Support Ring Clamp

Great for holding all sorts of lab equipment in a small space. Works best with GSC Support Stands and Rods. The GSC Support Ring Clamp is a cast-iron clamp with nickel plated steel set screws. Can be clamped to a support stand rod for holding lab equipment.

Eisco™ Metal Retort Base Stand

This stand base is made of a lightweight, yet solid metal. An epoxy coating makes it chemically resistant. The stand contains a threaded opening at one end 6/16 in. in diameter.

Eisco™ Clamp Retort Combined

Diecast alloy clamp retort, PVC coated jaws with boss head which accommodates rods up to 15mm in diameter.

Eisco™ Round Jaw Burette Clamp

For holding any burette during titration experiments.

Eisco™ Universal Clamp Holder, Jumbo Sized - Holds Rods up 20mm in Diameter

This universal clamp holder, made of durable metal, holds 2 rods perpendicular to one another. Perfect for many different lab applications.

United Scientific Supplies 2 Prong Burette Clamp with Extension Rod and various grips DFS Item

Our deluxe line of two prong burette clamps with extension rod and a selection of grip materials

Eisco™ Retort Clamp - 4-Prong, Powder-Coated

This 4 prong, cork lined retort clamp is perfect for holding lab equipment in place during delicate experiments.

Eisco™ Buret Rack

Excellent solution for storing and protecting burets in the lab.

United Scientific Supplies Round Buret Clamps

Excellent for holding small objects.

Eisco™ General Use Crucible Tong

Crucible tongs for flasks, test tubes, dry ice and other laboratory items.