Classroom Tubes

United Scientific Supplies Centrifuge Tubes

Identify your samples easily with these write-on tubes.

Fisherbrand™ Graduated Conical-Bottom Tubes

Use in virtually any centrifuging application.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burner Hose

Connects burner to fuel source such as natural gas or liquid propane.

Eisco™ Glass Test Tube with Screw Cap

These test tubes come with Bakelite screw cap and rubber liner

Eisco™ Test Tube Baskets

For easy handling and compact storage.

PYREX™ VISTA™ Culture Tubes with Phenolic Screw Caps

Functionality, economy and quality.

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Plastic Test Tubes

An economical alternative to glass.

PYREX™ Test Tubes

Beaded rim for durability.

GSC Go Science Crazy Gas Measuring Tubes

Allows students to learn about measuring gas.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ ValueWare™ Test Tubes

Made from Kimax™ KG-33 glass tubing.

PYREX™ Culture Tubes

All sizes except 6, 22, and 25mm O.D. have marking spot

PYREX™ VISTA™ Rimless Culture Tubes

Offer convenient plugging and rack storage.

PYREX™ VISTA™ Test Tubes with Beaded Rim

Functionality, economy, and quality.

Dynalon™ Test Tubes

15mL test tubes with different colored quick-closure screw caps available.

Eisco™ Draining Basket

Made up of polypropylene.

Drierite™ Indicating DRIERITE- Drying Tube for Air and Gases

Offers drying of air and gases for small scale laboratory applications.

GSC Go Science Crazy Glass Tubing Flint

Uniform wall, low melting point