Chemistry Classroom pH and Conductivity

Fisherbrand™ Plastic pH Test Strips

Offer excellent color separation in the pH range; 100 pH test strips/vial.

United Scientific Supplies pH Paper

Determine pH of wide range of solutions!

Fisherbrand™ Test Paper

Use these test papers for a variety of applications.

GSC Go Science Crazy Platinum Electrodes

Precision tube construction provides desired results.

LaMotte™ Dissolved Oxygen Sampler

Simplified dissolved oxygen water sampler designed for use in the field.

LaMotte™ Insta-TEST™ Low Range Phosphate Test Strips

Measures phosphate levels from 0, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2500 ppb in 15 seconds

Hydrion™ pH Test Papers, Wide-Range

Select the pH range you need, quickly and inexpensively.

Sper Scientific™ Benchtop Water Quality Meters

Ruggedly housed, large LCD displays the parameter with time, date and temperature.

GSC Go Science Crazy GSC International Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus

Ideal unit for beginning experiments in electrolysis.

Lab-Aids™ Phosphate in Fresh Water Test Kit

Understand and appreciate how phosphate can be a major cause of water pollution.

LaMotte™ Total Coliform Test Kit - Recreational Water

An easy-to-use, disposable tube method that indicates the presence of Total Coliform Bacteria.

Economical pH Test Strips

Line of pH test strips incorporates the most up-to-date technology.

LaMotte™ Insta-Test™ Water Test Strips

Perform safe, quick and easy water quality checks with test strips.

LaMotte™ Water Quality Classroom Studies

Reinforce key concepts on water treatment and environmental studies.

Insta-Chek™ Wide-Range Paper Dispenser

Single color match for each pH value.

Lab-Aids™ Blinking LED Conductivity Indicator

Hands-on testing for electrical properties of liquids and solids.

LaMotte™ GREEN Water Monitoring Kit

An inquiry-based approach to watershed education.

Eisco™ Student Cell and Porous Cup Set

Ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of primary cells.

MP Biomedicals™ Phenol:Chloroform Saturated Solution

This is a ready-to-use saturated solution of phenol and chloroform suitable for the extraction and purification of DNA. This solution is supplied at pH 6.7, and a bottle of alkaline buffer is included to adjust the pH to 8.0 if desired. 1:1 solution

LaMotte™ Carbon Dioxide Test Kit

Standard alkali is used to titrate samples to the phenolphthalein endpoint.

Edvotek™ Toxicity Detection of Pollutants in Freshwater

Hydrolysis of fluorescent substrate by Daphnia determines the level of toxicants.

Lab-Aids™ Properties of Acids and Bases

A thorough introduction to acids and bases.

United Scientific Supplies Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus

Simple and economical type of electrolysis apparatus.