Biology Classroom Microscopes

Celestron™ CB2000C Compound Microscope

Professional-grade compound binocular microscope with 2000x power.

Celestron™ CB2000CF Compound Microscope

Lab-ready compound binocular microscope with 2000x power.

Celestron™ CM800 Compound Microscope

Lab-ready compound microscope with 800x power.

Celestron™ TetraView LCD Touch Screen Microscope

Digital Desktop microscope with color LCD screen.

Celestron™ LCD Digital Microscope II

Professional-level biological LCD microscope

Fisher Science Education™ Student Microscope

Get a closer look at insects, rocks, and other objects

Celestron™ CM1000C Compound Microscope

Lab-ready compound microscope with 1000x power.

Labomed™ CxL Binocular Laboratory Microscope

Ideal for educational and laboratory applications.

Celestron™ S10-60 Stereo Microscope

Professional-level stereo microscope up to 60x power.

Swift™ M2250 Series Microscopes

Compound student microscope designed specifically for intermediate-level microscopic applications.

Celestron™ CM2000CF Compound Microscope

Lab-ready compound microscope with 2000x power.

Ken-A-Vision™ Kena™ 3-in-1 Digital Microscope

The only 3-in-1 digital microscope designed for the classroom. Kena combines the capabilities of a compound microscope, stereoscope and handheld discovery scope in one fun, easy-to-use digital learning tool.

Swift™ M10T-BTW1 Series Digital Tablet Compound Microscopes DFS Item

Combination of compound microscope with Integrated digital tablet.

Swift™ M3700 Series Advanced Microscope

Brand-new design packed with research features, assuring trouble-free operation and minimal downtime.

Celestron™ S20 Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscope with 20x power for viewing details on 3D objects.

MicroMax™ Microscopes

Fit easily in your pocket to take anywhere.

Carson™ MicroMini™ 20X LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope

LED Lighted pocket microscope used to explore things up close.

MicroBrite Microscope

20x-40x pocket zoom microscope

Discovery Scope

Science on the go!

Swift™ M10D Series Digital Microscopes with High-Resolution Camera

Built-in, high-resolution 3 MP camera displays live images and captures pictures at 2048 × 1536 resolution.

Swift™ SM100 LED Stereo Microscopes

Durable, versatile design is ideal for high school and college instruction.

Fisher Science Education™ 160-Series University/Laboratory Compound Microscopes

Designed for university and laboratory use. Fisherbrand™ 160-Series University/Laboratory Compound Microscope has good optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance.