Biology Classroom Microscopes

MicroBrite Microscope

20x-40x pocket zoom microscope

Celestron™ Hand-Held Digital Microscope

Ideally suited for examining small objects such as coins, stamps and insects, as well as viewing specimen slides at low and high powers.

Carson™ MicroMini™ 20X LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope

Compact, portable microscope with LED to everyday viewing.

American Educational Products Macrolens

American Eductation Products (AMEP) Macrolens is a slip-on attachment that converts the AMEP Microslide Viewer into a handy low-power microscope for examination of solid objects.

Discovery Scope

Science on the go!

American Educational Products Microslide™ Viewer

Specially designed teaching tool for viewing microslides. The viewer does not require electricity or batteries and can be used outdoors as well as the classroom.

Fisher Science Education™ 160-Series University/Laboratory Compound Microscopes

Designed for university and laboratory use. Fisherbrand™ 160-Series University/Laboratory Compound Microscope has good optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance.

Swift™ M3600 Series Compound Microscopes: Monocular

New look and “student proof” design with curved handle, variable LED illumination and rounded stage.

Ken-A-Vision™ The Professor Portable Stereomicroscope

Compact, portable design with all-glass optics, which provide clean, crisp viewing.

Fisher Science Education™ BTW1-169 Series Digital Tablet Compound Microscope

Fisherbrand™ BTW1-169 Series Digital Tablet Compound Microscope is a new line of advanced digital compound microscope combined with detachable LCD tablet technology for high school, university and laboratory use.

Labomed™ Lx 400 Research and Digital Research Microscopes

Reliability in laboratory and research applications.

Swift™ SM100 LED Stereo Microscopes

Durable, versatile design is ideal for high school and college instruction.

Ken-A-Vision™ Comprehensive Scope 2 Advanced Digital Microscopes

Take snapshots, annotate images and record video and time-lapse sequences. Stream images to computer monitor, interactive whiteboard, student tablets or smartphones.

Fisher Science Education™ Primary Stereomicroscopes

Popular stereomicroscopes for education and industry.

Swift™ M10 Series Compound Microscopes

Capture digital still images or real-time video files directly onto an SD card without the need of a computer.

Fisher Science Education™ Digital Compound Microscope with Built-in Camera

Premiere digital education teaching tool which includes all of specifications of laboratory microscope for classroom use.

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced+ Stereomicroscopes

Stereomicroscopes that are ideal for college instruction.

Swift™ M3700 WiFi Series Advanced Microscope

Built-in high-resolution streaming WiFi camera sets this microscope apart from others.

Ken-A-Vision™ CoreScope 2 Cordless Microscopes: Floating Stage

Affordable way to introduce students to microscopy.

Celestron™ CB2000C Compound Microscope

Professional-grade compound binocular microscope with 2000x power.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate Compound Microscopes: Monocular

Microscopes that set the standard for middle/high school instruction and include all the most commonly specified features.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate Stereomicroscopes

Stereomicroscopes feature rugged design and compact size.

Celestron™ CM2000CF Compound Microscope

Lab-ready compound microscope with 2000x power.

Swift™ M3700 Series Advanced Microscope

Brand-new design packed with research features, assuring trouble-free operation and minimal downtime.

Celestron™ CM800 Compound Microscope

Lab-ready compound microscope with 800x power.

Celestron™ S20 Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscope with 20x power for viewing details on 3D objects.

Fisher Science Education™ Digital Tablet Compound Microscope

All-in-one digital microscope with fully functional tablet for simultaneous viewing through traditional eyepiece.

Swift™ M10T-BTW1 Series Digital Tablet Compound Microscopes

Combination of compound microscope with Integrated digital tablet.

Ken-A-Vision™ Vision Scope 2 Stereo Microscopes

High quality optics and rugged construction at a budget-friendly price.