Biology Classroom Microbiology

Fisherbrand™ Plastic Petri Dishes

Ideal plastic Petri dishes for lab use.

Bacteria Chart

Study excellent preparations of bacteria without a microscope.

Fisherbrand™ Hand Tally Counter

Ideal for hundreds of lab applications, including counting blood samples, taking surveys, laboratory inventory, counting total drops of liquid, receiving lab samples and tallying biomedical events.

Dehydrated Culture Media and Ingredients

Essential agents for preparing culture media.

Brew Plate™ Digital Incubator

For use in beer brewing.

Eisco™ Ticker Tape Timer Accessory, Paper Tape Roll

Convenient replacement roll tape.

Fisherbrand™ Counter Pen

Touch, sound, and count simultaneously.

Lab-Aids™ Colony Counter

The 110 volt AC power supply includes an on-off switch. A lamp is also included along with a detailed instruction booklet.

Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs

Study antibiotic sensitivity and resistance.

Eisco™ Two Speed Ticker Taper Timer Set

Helps students to visualize distance, velocity, and acceleration versus time.

Prepared Culture Media in Plates

Labeled with product name, expiration date and lot number.

Fisherbrand™ Cell Spreaders

Simplify bacterial culture work and prevent agar surface tears.

Brew Plate™ Silver Microbe Testing Kit

With LMDA media for detecting major wild yeasts and bacteria strains causing that cause contamination during brewing process

Microbe Scavenger Hunt

Explore the microworld in your environment.

Brew Plate™ Gold Microbe Testing Kit

With wide array of media types that allow detection of common variety of microbes that cause contamination during brewing process.