Biology Classroom Dissection Supplies

Disposable Scalpel

Machine-sharpened, razor-sharp, stainless-steel blade edge that lasts.

Razor Blades

Single-edged surgical carbon-steel blades are easily and safely gripped.

American Safety Razors Personna™ Pal™ Single Edge Blade

Proven combinations of materials, heat-treatments and edge profiles for most applications.

Standard Wood Tongue Depressor

Standard 6 in. adult size tongue blade, made of Northern White Birch.

DR Instruments Anatomy Dissecting Kit

Excellent choice for teachers and students.

DR Instruments Entomology Dissecting Kit

Dissection kit for insect studies.

United Scientific Supplies T-Pins

'T' head provides firm grip, making them easier to insert and extract during dissection.

DR Instruments Botany Dissecting Kit

An excellent choice for field work and lab use.

Plastic Forceps

Medium serrated tips allow a good grip on tissue.

Dynalon™ Plastic Utility Pail

Lightweight, multi-use storage pail with carrying handle.

Eisco™ Premium Museum Grade Dissection Pins

Make dissection easy with the proper tools. The EISCO Premium Museum Grade Dissection Pins are collection/museum grade insect entomology dissection pins.

Eisco™ Dissection Tray

Aluminum dissection tray with wax liner.

DR Instruments Specimen Dissecting Forceps

For specimen handing in various dissection purposes.

Large Dissection Tray with Pad

Unbreakable, lightweight trays with pads clean up easily.

Eisco™ T-Pins for Dissecting

Sold in boxes of 100.

Eisco™ Advanced Dissecting Set

Stainless steel dissection set consisting of 12 instruments for accurate dissection.

Dynalon™ Specimen Pails with Cover

Heavy-duty HDPE pails.

DR Instruments Iris Scissors

Features precision ground blades for effortless cutting.

Large Animal Dissecting Set

The perfect dissecting set to train future surgeons.

DR Instruments General Biology Dissecting Kit

For basic general biology dissection.

Eisco™ Disposable Forceps

Disposable nylon forceps for single use applications.

Advantus T-Pins

T-shaped end provides extra grip while pinning item in place.

Paoli Clay Company Dissection Pans and Pads FSE

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

Fisher Science Education™ Bio-Fresh™ Concentrate

Keep your specimens moist and preserved.

DR Instruments Dissecting Forceps with Curved Medium Points

Curved tips for flexibility to access hard-to-reach areas during dissection.

Eisco™ Plastic Dissection Tray

Made of low density polyurethane (LDPE).

DR Instruments Scalpel with Safety Lock

Prevents the blade to fall-off while working.

DR Instruments Teachers Dissecting Kit

Complete kit in vinyl case for the teacher.

DR Instruments Operating Scissors with Sharp/Sharp Points

Made of Stainless-steel for dissection purposes.