Shakers and Mixers

Corning™ LSE™ Vortex Mixer Accessory, Processing Heads

Heads allow for processing of larger numbers of tubes

Corning™ LSE™ Digital Microplate Shaker

Features digital control of shaking speed and run time

Corning™ LSE™ Vortex Mixer

Variable speed mixer provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration

Thermo Scientific™ Compact Digital Microplate Shaker

Harness the efficiency of our microplate shaker, which is capable of shaking up to four microplates in one run.

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories and Replacement Parts for MaxiMix™ III Vortex Mixer

Optimize flexibility of the Thermo Scientific™ MaxiMix™ III Vortex Mixer with this selection of accessories and replacement parts.

Thermo Scientific™ Thermal Mixer Blocks

Choose from among these blocks of microtubes and microplates for your Thermo Scientific™ Thermal Mixer. With heating and cooling capabilities in a small footprint, the Thermal Mixer covers a wide range of applications while saving valuable bench space.

Thermo Scientific™ LP Vortex Mixer

Choose to continuously mix or pulse samples with our low profile vortex mixer.

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for the LP Vortex Mixer

Optimize flexibility and performance by using Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for LP Vortex Mixers.

Thermo Scientific™ Thermal Mixer with Blocks

Select a complementary block package for this versatile mixer featuring variable speed and temperature controls designed for a variety of applications

Thermo Scientific™ Cel-Gro Tissue Culture Rotator, Single drum, 120V 60Hz, 60W, 0.5A

Mix test tube contents for optimum culture results with the gentle rotating motion of the tissue culture rotator, featuring a no-maintenance brushless motor.

Thermo Scientific™ MaxiMix™ I Vortex Mixer

Mix quickly and evenly in continuous operation or touch-on mode with this mixer. Excellent for single and multiple tubes and small flasks with closed top.

Heathrow Scientific™ Vortexer™ Variable Speed Vortexing Units

This Vortexing unit is multi-purpose with maximum convenience. The most functional unit for range of applications requiring gentle mixing to high speed vortexing.

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessories: Foam Insert Set

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers.

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessory, Cup Head

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers.

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixers Tube Holders

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers

Fisherbrand™ Digital MultiTube Vortexers

Mix up to 50 samples at once.

Fisherbrand™ Conical Tube Blocks for Heat/Cool and Heat Only Thermal Mixers II

Tube, cryo tube and conical tube blocks for Heat/Cool and Heat Only Thermal Mixers II.

Fisherbrand™ Microplate Holders for Microplate Vortex Mixers

For use with Heavy-Duty Microplate Vortex Mixers

Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers: Test Tube Racks

Test tube racks for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers

Fisher Scientific™ Microplate Vortex Mixers, Standard

Designed for shaking microplates or tubes for strong, consistent mixing action.

Eppendorf™ ThermoMixer Temperature Control Device

Perfect choice for mixing and heating established routine applications

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessories: Ampule Tube Holders

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers.

Fisherbrand™ Heat Only Thermal Mixer II

For precise sample preparation when working with DNA, RNA, plasmids, cultures and enzymatic reactions.

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessories: Foam Insert Kit

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers.

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Head

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers.

Fisherbrand™ Variable Speed Mini Vortex Mixer

Unique cup design accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes

Fisherbrand™ Universal Holder for Heavy-duty Vortex Mixer

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixers.

Heidolph™ Multi Reax Vortex Mixer

Unique shaker to accommodate up to 26 vessels with various diameters.