Syringe Accessories

Air-Tite™ Syringe Caps

For capping off and sealing any Luer lock or Luer slip type syringe

BD Vacutainer™ CPT™ Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tube

For the one-step isolation of lymphocytes, monocytes, and plasma

Hamilton™ Luer Lock Adapter for Disposable Tips

These adapters enable the connection of a standard 1mL or 200μL disposable pipette tip to the end of a Hamilton Syringe.

Hamilton™ 800 Series Microliter™ Replacement Syringe Barrels

Barrels available with or without needle. Choose removable needle (RN) or cemented needle (N) termination.  (See exact specifications below.)

Hamilton™ Removable Needle to Luer Adapters

These adapters convert a Hamilton specific termination to an industry standard luer connection.

Hamilton™ 7000 Series Syringe Cleaner

Designed to clean 7000 series Microliter syringes with heat

Hamilton™ PTFE Tubing Adapted to Femaile Luer Lock

Connect to a syringe or other component

Hamilton™ PB600-1 Repeating Dispenser

Repeating dispenser for Hamilton Company syringes

Hamilton™ Needle Cleaning Concentrate

A biodegradable, non-phosphate cleaning concentrate that is suitable for many common sample types.

Hamilton™ Inert Luer Syringe Gas Sampling Valve

Inert gas sampling valve features a lever-actuated on/off valve for storing and transporting samples in any GASTIGHT TLL syringe

BD Vacutainer™ Integra™ Detachable-Needle Syringe

Provides clinicians with the latest advances in retracting technology

Hamilton™ RN Adapters (Removable Adapters)

Adapters provide a connection to threaded fittings, tubing assemblies, tees, and crosses.

BD Vacutainer™ Catheter-Tip Syringes

Bulk, nonsterile syringes with catheter tip

BD Vacutainer™ Slip-tip Syringe

Nonsterile slip-tip syringe

BD Tip Cap Tray

Preserves sterility, enhances productivity and reduces waste

Trajan™ eVol Syringe NMR Accessories

Acryllic construction. For use with eVol Digital Syringe

Trajan™ Syringe Rack

For organizing syringes and avoiding breakage.

Hamilton™ Chemically Inert Manual Valves

Valves have a fluid path containing PTFE and CTFE

Hamilton™ 1800 Series Gastight™ Replacement Syringe Barrels

Barrels range in volume from 10μ to 250μL with removable needle (RN) and cemented needle (N) terminations.

Hamilton™ Tungsten Cleaning Wires

For mechanical cleaning to remove needle obstructions.

Hamilton™ Microlab 600 Luer Lock Conversion Kit

This kit converts the Concord CT to a TLL probe.

Hamilton™ Model 7000 (KH) Needle Repair Kit

Eliminates the assembly step which can lead to damage on the smaller syringe volumes. Especially critical for 7000 series syringes which have extremely small plunger wires

Trajan™ Stylet Wires for Syringe Cleaning

Designed for effective cleaning of syringe needles. Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Stylet Wires for Syringe Cleaning are supplied in packs of 5.

Hamilton™ Neuros Technology Adapter Kits for 700/1700 Series Neuros Syringes

An industry first, the Neuros accurately dispenses 50nL to 100μL of liquid through an ultrafine needle protected by a custom-designed sleeve. The Neuros minimizes injection site damage by increasing needle rigidity and delivering a microvolume of liquid to an exact location.