Syringe Accessories

BD Vacutainer™ Slip-tip Syringe

Nonsterile slip-tip syringe

BD Vacutainer™ Catheter-Tip Syringes

Bulk, nonsterile syringes with catheter tip

BD Vacutainer™ CPT™ Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tube

For the one-step isolation of lymphocytes, monocytes, and plasma

BD Vacutainer™ Integra™ Detachable-Needle Syringe

Provides clinicians with the latest advances in retracting technology

BD Tip Cap Tray

Preserves sterility, enhances productivity and reduces waste

Hamilton™ Luer Lock Adapter for Disposable Tips

These adapters enable the connection of a standard 1mL or 200μL disposable pipette tip to the end of a Hamilton Syringe.

Hamilton™ PTFE Tubing Adapted to Femaile Luer Lock

Connect to a syringe or other component

Hamilton™ Needle Cleaning Concentrate

A biodegradable, non-phosphate cleaning concentrate that is suitable for many common sample types.

Trajan™ Stylet Wires for Syringe Cleaning

Designed for effective cleaning of syringe needles. Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Stylet Wires for Syringe Cleaning are supplied in packs of 5.

Hamilton™ PB600-1 Repeating Dispenser

Repeating dispenser for Hamilton Company syringes

Hamilton™ Tungsten Cleaning Wires

For mechanical cleaning to remove needle obstructions.

Hamilton™ Chemically Inert Manual Valves

Valves have a fluid path containing PTFE and CTFE

Hamilton™ 1800 Series Gastight™ Replacement Syringe Barrels

Barrels range in volume from 10μ to 250μL with removable needle (RN) and cemented needle (N) terminations.

Hamilton™ 800 Series Microliter™ Replacement Syringe Barrels

Barrels available with or without needle. Choose removable needle (RN) or cemented needle (N) termination.  (See exact specifications below.)

Trajan™ eVol Syringe NMR Accessories

Acryllic construction. For use with eVol Digital Syringe

Hamilton™ 7000 Series Syringe Cleaner

Designed to clean 7000 series Microliter syringes with heat

Hamilton™ RN Adapters (Removable Adapters)

Adapters provide a connection to threaded fittings, tubing assemblies, tees, and crosses.

Hamilton™ Syringe Guide for Microliter™ and Gaslight™ Syringes

Designed to work with 700/7000 series MICROLITER syringes and 1700 series GASTIGHT syringes

Hamilton™ Microlab 600 Luer Lock Conversion Kit

This kit converts the Concord CT to a TLL probe.

Air-Tite™ Syringe Caps

For capping off and sealing any Luer lock or Luer slip type syringe

Hamilton™ Neuros Technology Adapter Kits for 700/1700 Series Neuros Syringes

An industry first, the Neuros accurately dispenses 50nL to 100μL of liquid through an ultrafine needle protected by a custom-designed sleeve. The Neuros minimizes injection site damage by increasing needle rigidity and delivering a microvolume of liquid to an exact location.

Hamilton™ Disposable Tip Adapter

Designed to enable the connection of a standard 1mL disposable pipette tip to the end of a Hamilton™ syringe.

Hamilton™ Removable Needle to Luer Adapters

These adapters convert a Hamilton specific termination to an industry standard luer connection.

Trajan™ Syringe Rack

For organizing syringes and avoiding breakage.