PCR and qPCR

EMD Millipore™ Novagen™ NovaTaq™ Hot Start Master Mix Kits

Premixed 2X hot start PCR components for convenience and reproducibility

Supertek Scientific Polypropylene PCR Tube

Thin uniform wall tube for efficient thermal transfer.

EMD Millipore™ Novagen™ NovaQUANT™ Mouse Oxidative Stress Kit

Designed to quantify relative mRNA levels of 21 transcriptionally-regulated analytes associated with oxidative stress responses and three house-keeping control genes used as controls

EMD Millipore™ Calbiochem™ EMPIGEN™ BB Detergent, 30% Solution

Can be used as detergent for solubilization of membrane components

EMD Millipore™ Calbiochem™ OmniPur™ 6X Loading Buffer, 15% Ficoll

Suitable for resolution of PCR products and other small DNA fragments of less than 1000bp

Fisher BioReagents™ exACTGene™ Control Primers

Optimized for routine PCR applications

Fisher BioReagents™ exACTGene™ Control Primers

Optimized for routine PCR applications

Fisher BioReagents™ Taq DNA Polymerase

Allows up to 100 cycles of amplification without loss of activity

Fisherbrand™ 0.2mL PCR Tube Strips

Ideal for use in 0.2mL, 96-well V-bottom thermal cyclers

Fisher BioReagents™ exACTGene™ Lambda DNA Template

Optimized for routine PCR applications

Thermo Scientific™ Thermo-Fast™ 96-Well Full-Skirted Plates

96-well full-skirted PCR automation compatible plate for use in PCR and qPCR applications.

Thermo Scientific™ Luminaris™ Color HRM Master Mix

Ready-to-use master mix for easy and accurate discrimination of DNA sequence variants by High-Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis.

Thermo Scientific™ Maxima Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase

Enhance the specificity, sensitivity, and yield of DNA amplification with this hot start DNA polymerase.

Thermo Scientific™ 24-Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate

24-well semi-skirted plate for PCR and qPCR applications.

Thermo Scientific™ DyNAzyme Buffers

Choose from several formats of these buffers to optimize PCR using Thermo Scientific™ DyNAzyme™ DNA Polymerases.

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ Hot Start II High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase

The most accurate hot start DNA polymerase on the market featuring extreme specificity and improved performance.

Thermo Scientific™ Verso 1-step RT-qPCR SYBR Green Kits

Perform 1-step RT-qPCR using SYBR Green chemistry with these ready-to-use optimized solutions.

Thermo Scientific™ Luminaris HiGreen Fluorescein qPCR Master Mixes

Ready-to-use qPCR master mixes with premixed UDG optimized for SYBR Green chemistry using standard cycling protocol. Master mixes available with or without blue color.

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase

Get superior performance for cloning and other applications requiring high fidelity with one of the most accurate thermostable DNA polymerases available.

Thermo Scientific™ Maxima™ Hot Start Green 2X PCR Master Mix

Save time preparing samples with this ready-to-use 2x hot start master mix containing tracking dyes and a density reagent for direct loading on gels after PCR.

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion Buffers

Choose between two buffer packs to optimize high-fidelity PCR or difficult or long template amplification using Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases.

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ SuperPlate 96-Well PCR Plates

96-well semi-skirted PCR plates with a flat deck for improved sealing in PCR and qPCR applications.

Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo™ 384-Well PCR Plates

Optimize high throughput robotic PCR and qPCR applications with these uItra-rigid 384-well PCR plates with poylcarbonate frames and polypropylene wells.

Thermo Scientific™ Taq DNA Polymerase, Native

Optimize amplification of DNA samples of low purity with this highly thermostable, native DNA polymerase for routine PCR.

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ Thermo-Fast™ 96 PCR Detection Plate MKIII

96-well low-profile semi-skirted PCR plate for the fast block of Life Technologies PCR and qPCR thermal cyclers. Supplied with barcodes for sample and plate traceability.

Thermo Scientific™ T4 DNA Polymerase

Ensure accuracy in DNA synthesis with template-dependent T4 DNA Polymerase that catalyzes the 5'-3' synthesis from primed single-stranded DNA.