Facility Maintenance and Safety

Fisher Scientific™ Optical USB Mouse

For use with any accumet™ XL-series meter

Fisherbrand™ Labtool II™ and Mini-Labtool™

Pocket-size, multiuse tools are ideal for hundreds of lab needs.

Fisherbrand™ Colored Label Tapes

Strong, durable, waterproof and oil and acid resistant.

EMD Millipore Activation Code for Millitrack™ Software

Provides data management, archiving and remote access capabilities

Rubbermaid™ Flat Shelf Carts

Designed for transport of oversized, bulky items

12-Inch Rulers

Made of shatter-resistant material.

Triangular Files with Handles

Scores glass tubing.

Liquid Measuring Cup Set

Three measuring cups with handles.

Peel-Off™ China Markers

Great for writing on china, glass, metal or plastic.

Dynalon™ Eyewash Bottle Station

Emergency eyewash bottle station has an easy-to-use design.

Customary/Metric Spoons

Set of six spoons.

Sampling Squares

Easily quantify the results of high school field studies.

Rubbermaid™ Utility Cart

Versatile, functional cart for easy transport

Cotton Twine for Science Kits

Consumable used as a science kit component that is compatible with multiple projects and kits.

Large-Sized Cellulose Sponge

Large size perfect for general cleaning chores.

Dry Measure Cups

Set of five transparent, dry measure cups.

Teacher's Shears

Multi-purpose and very sharp.

Teacher's Four-Sided Meter Stick

For demonstrating usage.

Faucet-Mount Eyewashes

Eyewashes attach easily to any standard laboratory faucet; no special plumbing needed.

Fisher Science Education™ Gravel

Commonly used in the science classroom.

Hazardous Materials Classification Reference

Hazmat chart is perfect for training or quick reference.

Light-Duty Utility Cart

Ideal for on-the-go classroom activities

Fisher Science Education™ Anti-Static Static-Away™ Handle Brushes

Designed with the softest hairs available to prevent scratching.

Camel Hair Brush with Long Handle

Useful for dusting balances.

Solid Hard Maple Meter Sticks

Premium quality, solid North American Maple.

Chalkboard Accessory Set

Rubber pads prevent scratches and provide greater grip.

EXPO2™ Low-Odor Dry-Erase Markers

12-pack of chisel-tipped dry-erase markers in vivid colors.

Value Work Flashlight

Nonslip, nonroll design light features krypton bulb.

Economy Scissors

Every student can have a pair.