Ear Bands

Honeywell™ Howard Leight™ Quiet Band HYG Hearing Protectors

Lightweight and portable hearing protectors with patented band design prevents ear pods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces when set down. Choose a specific style QB1HYG, QB2HYG or QB3HYG to balance worker's desired comfort and protection.

Honeywell™ Howard Leight™ Quiet Bands HYG Replacement Pods

Replacement pods for the Howard Leight™ Quiet Bands HYG models QB1HYG, QB2HYG and QB3HYG.

3M™ E-A-Rcaps™ Model 200 Hearing Protector

Ideal for intermittent use, banded hearing protectors are lightweight and feature comfortable foam caps on a flexible band that easily inserts into the ear canal.

Moldex™ Rock Band™ Canal Cap Hearing Protector

Two flexible arms distribute pressure evenly and the soft reusable pods gently insert into the ear canal. Exciting colors make the Rock Band™ Hearing Protector popular and more appealing with the new generation of workers.