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Your craft is a precise science that requires more than just good taste. From pH and turbidity testing to facilities maintenance and safety supplies, we have innovative products to ensure consistent results. And we have a dedicated team ready to support you with choice and value that’s right for you and your budget.

Here’s what one customer at Ballast Point Brewery had to say:


“As a quality microbiologist at Ballast Point, I look for and prevent microbial contamination around the brewery. In order to preserve the unique flavor, appearance, and aroma of our beer, I develop different quality protocols.

Unlike typical brewery suppliers, my Fisher Scientific sales rep enables us to make our own kit for identifying organisms throughout the brewery by sending us samples. It’s nice to do the validation without any kind of pressure.

That flexibility and freedom at a good price has been game changing for us. I’m able to purchase the individual pieces to make our microbiology program more innovative — so now we can clean smarter, not harder. That’s going to save time and money all around.”

– Liz Nagle, Quality Manager of Microbiology at Ballast Point Brewery

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Ballast Point Brewery was provided company-branded promotional items by Thermo Fisher Scientific for this testimonial.