Trademark Trademark Holder
P-PER Thermo Fisher Scientific
P-Touch Brother International
P450-Glo Promega Corp.
P84 Inspec Fibers
PA20 E.D. Bullard
Pac Draeger Safety
Pac Ex Draeger Safety
PAC III Draeger Safety
Pac-Man Namco Ltd.
PACE Brinkmann Instruments
Pacific Hemostasis Fisher Scientific
Pack and Pop Jackson Safety
Pack-Rectangular Mitsubishi
Packagene Promega Corp.
Packard Packard Instrument Co.
Padl-Pet Corning
PadMop Micronova Manufacturing
PageBlue Thermo Fisher Scientific
PAGEgel PAGEgel, Inc.
Pageone Thermo Fisher Scientific
PAGEprep Thermo Fisher Scientific
PAGEr CBM Intellectual Properties, Inc.
PageRuler Thermo Fisher Scientific
PageSilver Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pain-A-Rest North Safety Products
Pain-off Medique Products
PAiNACEA Thermo Fisher Scientific
PaintJet Hewlett-Packard
PAK Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pak-Alert Scott Technologies
Pak-Alert SE Scott Health and Safety
Pak-Tracker Scott Health and Safety
PakTeen CamelBak Produts
Pall Pall Corporation
Palletote Rubbermaid
Palm Palm, Inc.
Palm III Palm, Inc.
Palm OS Palm, Inc.
PalmPilot Palm, Inc.
pALTER Promega Corp.
Panalens H.L. Bouton
Panalite H.L. Bouton
Panasonic Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
Panaspec H.L. Bouton
Panaspec Plus H.L. Bouton
Panaview H.L. Bouton
Panther Survivair
Panther Thermo Fisher Scientific
PanVera PanVera Corp.
Pap-Fix Plus Evergreen Scientific
Papette Wallach
Pappak Medical Packaging Corp.
PAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Par-One Remel, Inc.
Para Streck Laboratories
Para 12 Streck Laboratories
Para 4 Streck Laboratories
Para Check Streck Laboratories
Para Tech Streck Laboratories
Para-Dex Fire-Dex
para-JEM Thermo Fisher Scientific
Para-Pak Meridian Diagnostics
Para-Release Thermo Fisher Scientific
PARA/Gard Triangle Biomedical
Paraclear Scientific Device Laboratory
Parafilm American National Can
Parafilm M American National Can
Parallel Vision Control Willson
Paralta Flex-O-Lite, Inc.
Paramax Baxter/Dade
ParaMelt Plus McCormick Scientific
Parameter R&D Systems, Inc.
Paramount Labconco
Parapel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Paraplast Sherwood Medical
Parasep DiaSys Corp.
Parat C Draeger Safety
ParaTrimmer Thermo Fisher Scientific
Parlodion Mallinckrodt
Paros Horiba
Parr Parr Instrument Co.
Particle Vision High Yield Technology, Inc
Partisil Whatman Inc.
PartiSphere Whatman Inc.
Partner Husqvarna Aktiebolag Corporation
PASCO Difco Laboratories
Pasolina Fisher Scientific
Pasport Pasco Scientific, Inc.
PassPort Nalge Nunc International
Passport MSA
PAT Victrex plc
PAT Systec, Inc.
PATH Thermo Fisher Scientific
Path-O-Cyte MP Biomedicals
Pathcentre Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pathco Pathco Corporation
Pathfinder Hubbell Lighting
PathoDx Thermo Fisher Scientific
PathoDxtra Thermo Fisher Scientific
PathoProof Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pathotec Thermo Fisher Scientific
PATRIC Thermo Fisher Scientific
Patrol Fit Perfect Fit Glove Co.
Patternables Learning Resources, Inc.
PawGard Ansell
PAXgene PreAnalytiX, GmbH
pBESTluc Promega Corp.
PBI Celanese Group
PBI E.I. duPont de Nemours
PBI Gold Hoechst Celanese
pBluescript Stratagene
Pc Simco
PC Link Brady Corp.
PC Poncho Curtis Computer Products
PC-1 BioWhittaker Molecular Applications
pCAT Promega Corp.
PCC-54 Thermo Fisher Scientific
PCC-Pfree Thermo Fisher Scientific
PCC-Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific
PCM MicroClimate Systems
PCM2000 Kimberly-Clark Corp.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card Internatio
pCold Takara Bio Inc.
pCR Invitrogen Corporation
PCR Bath Edvotek
PCR Optimizer Invitrogen
PCR-Select Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
PCR/cycler Brinkmann Instruments
PcRack Simport Plastics
PCTE GE Osmonics
PCVision Uvex Safety
PCX Micronova Manufacturing
PD-Tips Brand GmbH & Co.
PDE-Glo Promega Corp.
PDI PDI/Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
PE PE Corp.
PEAC-WMD AristaTek
PEAKS Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.
PearlWeave Safety Netting Pearlgreen Corporation
PediaPals PediaPals, LLC
Peds Plus BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
PEEK Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEEK Victrex plc
PEEKsil SGE Analytical Science
Pefabloc Pentapharm Ltd.
Pefachrome Pentapharm Ltd.
Pelican Pelican Products
Pellet Pestle Kontes Glass
Pellicon Millipore Corp.
Pellon Pellon Corporation
Peltor Aearo Technologies
Pen-Fix Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pen-Ray UVP
Pendaflex Esselte Corporation
Penguin Thermo Fisher Scientific
Penicylinder Fisher Scientific
PENLET Lifescan, Inc.
Pentax Pentax Corporation
Pentel Pentel Kabushiki Kaisha
Pentium Intel Corp.
Pentra Horiba
Pentrode Orion
PEP Harvard Apparatus
Pepcid AC Johnson & Johnson
PEPFINDER Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEPLYN domnick hunter
PepMap Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEPMATCH Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEPotec Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEPSEARCH Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEPSEQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
PepSwift Thermo Fisher Scientific
PepTag Promega Corp.
Pepto-Bismol Procter & Gamble
PER Thermo Fisher Scientific
PerCap Bilsom
Percoll GE Healthcare
Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Glove Co.
Perfect RNA Eppendorf AG
PerFectin Genlantis
PerfectPiston Eppendorf AG
PERFECTPOSITION Thermo Fisher Scientific
Perfectprep 5 PRIME
PerfectPure Eppendorf AG
PerfectShot TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
Perfektum Popper &Sons
Perfex Perfex Corporation
PerFit Bilsom
Perfit ACE Ambu International
PerFlex Bilsom
Performers Extra Perfect Fit Glove Co.
Performx Berkshire Corp.
Perimatic Jencons Scientific
Perimeter Tennessee Mat Company, Inc.
Perkin-Elmer PE Corp.
Perm/Wash BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Perma-Boss Accuform Signs
Permadry Binder GmbH
Permafluor Packard Instrument Co.
Permafresh Rogers Corporation
Permanox Thermo Fisher Scientific
Permashield Brady Corp.
PermaSleeve Brady Corp.
PermaTack Tennessee Mat Company Inc
Permetch Kessler Instruments
Permflex TOWA Corporation
Permount Fisher Scientific
PeroXOquant Thermo Fisher Scientific
PerpHecT Thermo Fisher Scientific
PerpHecTion Thermo Fisher Scientific
PerSeptive Biosystems PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc.
Personal Chromatograph Scientific Systems
PersonaPet Fisher Scientific
Personna American Safety Razor Co.
Personna Plus American Safety Razor Co.
Personna Safety Scalpel American Safety Razor Co.
Perspective Thermo Fisher Scientific
Peterson Field Guides Houghton Mifflin Co.
Peterson First Guides Houghton Mifflin Co.
Petri Pulser Harvard Apparatus
Petri-Pad Millipore Corp.
Petrifilm 3M
PetriSlide Millipore Corp.
Petroflex Ansell
PetrOilQuant Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pette Corning
Petzl Petzl, Inc.
PETZL Zedel Corporation
PF Vero Thermo Fisher Scientific
PFE Kimberly-Clark Corp.
PFE-Xtra Kimberly Clark Corporation
Pfizer Pfizer, Inc.
pFlitrix Invitrogen
PFR95 Kimberly-Clark Corp.
PfuTurbo Stratagene
PGA Professional Golfers Association
pGAL Edvotek
pGEM Promega Corp.
pGEMEX Promega Corp.
pGeneClip Promega Corp.
pGloSensor Promega Corp.
Pgp-Glo Promega Corp.
Ph.D. New England Biolabs
Phadebact Pharmacia Laboratories, Inc.
Phadia Thermo Fisher Scientific
Phalanx MSA
Phantom Sellstrom Mfg.
Pharm-Trol Thermo Fisher Scientific
PharmaLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pharmalyte GE Healthcare
PharmaPly Micronova Manufacturing
PharMed Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Pharmingen Pharmingen Corporation California (business unit of BD Biosciences)
Phase Lock Gel Eppendorf AG
PhastGel GE Healthcare
PhastSystem GE Healthcare
Phenomenex Phenomenex Inc.
pHep Hanna Instruments
Philgas Phillips Petroleum Co.
Phire Thermo Fisher Scientific
pHISA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Phoenix BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Phoenix Phoenix Medical Technology
Phoretix Nonlinear Dynamics Limited
PhosphoPlus New England Biolabs
PhosphoProbe Thermo Fisher Scientific
PhosVer Hach Co.
Photoceram Corning
PhotoDoc-It Ultra Violet Products Inc.
Photogel MP Biomedicals
PhotoMate Syagen Technology, Inc.
PhotoMAX Polaroid
Photoshop Adobe Systems Incorporated
Photosmart Hewlett-Packard
PhotoSpray AB SCIEX
PhotoTherm PhotoTherm L.P.
Phototope New England Biolabs
Photovac Photovac, Inc.
pHTestr Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Phusion Thermo Fisher Scientific
pHuture Thermo Fisher Scientific
pHuture Triode Thermo Fisher Scientific
pHydrion Micro Essential Laboratory
Physio-Control Physio-Control Corporation
PhysioCare Concept Eppendorf AG
PhysioTel Data Sciences International, Inc.
Phytone BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Piccolo Abaxis
Piccolo Hanna Instruments
Pick N Pluck Pelican Products
Pick-of-Life Angel-GUARD Products, Inc.
Pico Thermo Fisher Scientific
Picofluor Turner Designs
PicoFuge Stratagene
PicoGreen Molecular Probes, Inc.
picoSpin Thermo Fisher Scientific
PicoView New Objective, Inc.
Picta Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pierce Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pierce-Endogen Thermo Fisher Scientific
Piko Thermo Fisher Scientific
PikoReal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pillar Nippon Pillar Packaging Company, Ltd.
PilloMop Micronova Manufacturing
Pillow-Tip Chemtronics
PillowPac Aearo Technologies
Pinnacle Denver Instrument
Pinnacle I H.L. Bouton
Pinnacle II H.L. Bouton
Pinpoint Thermo Fisher Scientific
PinPoint Promega Corp.
Pinpointer North Safety Products
PIONEER Thermo Fisher Scientific
PIP Protective Industrial Products
Pipet Card Edvotek
Pipet Helper Brinkmann Instruments
Pipet Keeper Whitney Products, Inc.
Pipet Tip Extendor Sherwood Medical
Pipet-Aid Drummond Scientific
Pipetman Rainin Instrument Co., Inc.
Pipette Pump Bel-Art Products
Pittcon The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette PG Publishing
PivotLink Miller by Sperian
PixelPro Labo America, Inc.
PLAC diaDexus, Inc.
Placentex Hoffmann-LaRoche Corporation
PLANET Polaris Industries, Inc.
Planet Quest Learning Resources, Inc.
PlantCon MP Biomedicals
PlantSaver Whatman Inc.
Plas-Labs Plas-Labs, Inc.
PlasDIC Carl Zeiss
Plasma SHOT SPEX CertiPrep
PlasmaPrep Separation Technology, Inc.
PlasmaRotor StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
Plast-a-Cab SciMatCo
Plast-N-Glas Chemtronics
Plasti-Mate S4J Manufacturing Services, Inc.
Plastibrand Brand GmbH & Co.
Plastic+Glas Buchi Labortechnik AG
Plasticine J.L. Hammett
Plastisol Columbia Ribbon and Carbon
Plate+ National Scientific Co.
PlateCrane Hudson Control Group
Platelin Organon Teknika B.V.
PlateLoc Velocity11
PlateMate Thermo Fisher Scientific
PlateTrak PerkinElmer LAS, Inc.
Platinel Engelhard Industries
PLATINUM Invitrogen
Platinum Alltech Associates
Platinum EPS Alltech Associates
Plavix Sanofi-Synthelabo
Playtex Playtex Products
Pleats Plus Aearo Technologies
Plexiglas Rohm and Haas
Plexor Promega Corp.
Plug Base Howard Leight
Plug Depot Howard Leight
Plug Tails American Allsafe Co.
PlugStation Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Pluronic BASF Corp.
Plus Labconco
Plus-Fifty Ansul, Inc.
Plus/8 Eppendorf AG
Plysu FSI North America
PMC Thermo Fisher Scientific
pMH Roche Diagnostics
PMI Pigeon Mountain Industries
PMP Parter Medical Products, Inc.
PMT & Design Millipore Corp.
Pneumoslide BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Pneusak COM-PAC International
Pocket Bilsom
Pocket Accent Sanford Corp.
Pocket Colorimeter Hach Co.
Pocket Pal Hach Co.
Pocket-Pak Moldex-Metric, Inc.
PockeTester LaMotte Chemical Products Co.
POCkit Diagnology Inc.
PodPlugs Aearo Technologies
Point-Lok Devon Industries, Inc.
PointGuard Performance Fabrics, Inc.
PolaBlue Polaroid
PolaChrome Polaroid
PolaColor Polaroid
PolaGraph Polaroid
PolaPan Polaroid
Polar North Safety Products
Polar Bear Ansell
Polar Hood Howard Leight
Polar Pack SCA Packaging North America
PolarHeat Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
Polaris Johnson Worldwide Associates, Inc.
Polaroid Polaroid
PolarSafe Argos Technologies
POLARSTAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Polartec Malden Mills
Pole Patterns Dowling Magnets
Pollywog Thermo Fisher Scientific
Polx Berkshire Corp.
Poly-Coat E.I. duPont de Nemours
Poly-Dolly Enpac Corp.
Poly-Flow 800 North American Fire Hose Corp.
Poly-Guard American Allsafe Co.
Poly-Jaque Bel-Art Products
Poly-Labpack Enpac Corp.
Poly-Labtray Enpac Corp.
Poly-Overpack Enpac Corp.
Poly-Seal Poly-Seal Corp.
Poly-Spill Ramp Enpac Corp.
Poly-Spillpallet Enpac Corp.
Poly(A)Pure Ambion, Inc.
PolyATtract Promega Corp.
Polyblend Bata Shoe Co.
Polycap The Whatman Group
Polydisc The Whatman Group
PolyDuramide Cambrex Corporation
Polyette Standard Safety Equipment Co.
Polyfiltronics The Whatman Group
Polygard Millipore Corp.
PolyGen Micronova Manufacturing
Polygen Applied Materials, Inc.
PolyGrid Bel-Art Products
PolyHis Thermo Fisher Scientific
PolyLab Thermo Fisher Scientific
PolyLite The Coleman Co.
Polymax Bata Shoe Co.
Polymed Sempermed USA, Inc.
Polymedco Polymedco Inc.
PolyMitt Micronova Manufacturing
Polymorphprep Nycomed Amersham International
Polynit Contec Inc.
PolyPac Fisher Scientific
PolyPail Funnel Enpac Corp.
PolyPaper Thermo Fisher Scientific
Polypeptone BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Polypore Perkin Elmer
PolyRamp Enpac Corp.
Polysafe Willson
Polysafeplus Willson
PolySafetypack Enpac Corp.
Polysat Texwipe
Polyseed InterBio
Polyseed NX InterBio
Polysep Millipore Corp.
PolyShield Safeskin Corp.
PolySorp Thermo Fisher Scientific
Polyspring National Scientific Co.
Polystand National Scientific Co.
PolyStinger Streamlight, Inc.
Polytet Cambridge Diagnostic Products, Inc.
PolyTox InterBio
Polytron Kinematica AG
Polytuff QRP, Inc.
PolyVent Whatman Inc.
PolyVial Thermo Fisher Scientific
PolyWear PolyConversions
Polywipe Contec Inc.
PONG Atari Corporation
Pop Up UltraTech International
Pop-It Kemtec Educational Corp.
Pop-Up Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Popper Popper &Sons
poppers Thermo Fisher Scientific
Poppette Thermo Fisher Scientific
Popsicle Lipton Investments, Inc.
Porapak Millipore Corp.
Porelle Porvair Ltd. Co.
Poretics GE Osmonics
POREX Porex Corporation
Poron World Properties, Inc.
Poros Applera Corp.
Port-A-Cul BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Porta Stream Fendall, Inc.
Porta-Lab Global Market Connections
Porta-Pad Centuri Engineering Company
PortaCount TSI Incorporated
PortAll Genisus Systems, Inc.
Portapet Bel-Art Products
PortaSens Analytical Technologies Inc.
Portex Smiths Medical
Portogram Ohaus Corp.
Posi-Click Denville Scientific
PosiChek3 Bacou-Dalloz
Positive Touch Allegiance Corporation
Post-It 3M
Pottie-Pal Kebore, LLC
PourMatic New Brunswick Scientific
PourRite Hach Co.
Powder Pack Orbeco-Hellige
Powder Pack Sqwincher Corporation
Powder Pop HF Scientific
Powdertainer Thermo Fisher Scientific
Power Builder MSA
Power Hawk Curtis-Wright Flight Systems
Power Hold Arrow Engineering
Power Mac Apple Computer
Power of Science Learning Resources, Inc.
Power Panel Positioner Ergodyne Corporation
Power Pro DEB SBS Inc.
Power Pusher Curtis-Wright Flight Systems
Power Solids Learning Resources, Inc.
Power-Pro LaCrosse Rainfair Safety Products
Powerbook Apple Computer
PowerCHO Cambrex Corporation
PowerCoat Perfect Fit Glove Co.
PowerCom Plus Cabot Safety
Powercuff Perfect Fit Glove Co.
PowerCut Thermo Fisher Scientific
PowerDry KNF Neuberger
PowerEase Invitrogen
PowerFlex Ansell
Powerflex Andover Coated Products
PowerGen Fisher Scientific
PowerGrab TOWA Corporation
PowerGrip Microflex Medical
PowerHead Micronova Manufacturing
Powerheart Cardiac Science Corp.
PowerLite Epson
PowerMark Brady Corp.
Powerpette Jencons Scientific
PowerPlex Promega Corp.
PowerPoint Microsoft Corp.
PowerReports BioTek
PowerShot Canon
PowerStation Edvotek
Powerstop Handle U.S. Oil Co., Inc.
Powertoprotect Safeskin Corp.
PowerTyper Promega Corp.
PowerWave BioTek
PowerWave XS BioTek
PowerWaveX BioTek
PowerWaveX Select BioTek
Powr-Glo Brady Corp.
Poxygrid Bel-Art Products
PPE-Coach Safety Software, Inc.
PPE-LOG Safety Software, Inc.
PQD Thermo Fisher Scientific
Praxair Praxair Technology
Praxis Praxis, Inc.
Precinorm Boehringer Mannheim
Precipath Boehringer Mannheim
Precis Thermo Fisher Scientific
Precise Labconco
Precise Thermo Fisher Scientific
Precision Heidolph Brinkmann
Precision Abbott Labs
Precision Jouan Inc.
Precision BioTek
Precision Thermo Fisher Scientific
Precision 5000 Applied Materials, Inc.
Precision Barrier Fisher Container Corporation
Precision Clean Fisher Container Corporation
Precision Clean-Tear Fisher Container Corporation
Precision Power BioTek
Precision Pulse Harvard Apparatus
Precision Shrink Fisher Container Corporation
Precision Snap-Tear Fisher Container Corporation
Precision Stat Fisher Container Corporation
Precision Wipes Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Precision XS BioTek
Precisionacquire Precision Detectors Inc.
Precisionanalyze Precision Detectors Inc.
Precisiondeconcolve Precision Detectors Inc.
PrecisionGlide BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Precisionware Bel-Art Products
PRECLEAR Gentra Systems
Prefil Stanbio Laboratory
PreFill Covidien (Kendall Healthcare)
Prefilter Cassette Nalge Nunc International
PremAire MSA
Prematex CCP Industries
Premier Meridian Diagnostics
Premier Tingley Rubber Corporation
Premier Armstrong Medical
Premier Jencons Scientific
Premier Dalloz Safety
Premiere MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Premion Johnson Matthey Catalog Company, Inc
Premium Thermo Fisher Scientific
Premix Taq TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
Prep/Scale Millipore Corp.
PrepAid SPEX CertiPrep
Prepclean Georgia Steel and Chemical
PREPOR domnick hunter
PREPOR GF domnick hunter
PREPOR PES domnick hunter
PrepSafe Bel-Art Products
PrepSep Fisher Scientific
PrepSep-R Fisher Scientific
PrepStar Varian, Inc.
PrepTide Thermo Fisher Scientific
PrepTorr Fisher Scientific
Presario Compaq Computer Corporation
PreScission GE Healthcare
Presentation Link Texas Instruments
PreSep GE Osmonics
PreservaFree Bradley Corp.
Preslok Dalloz Safety
Press-and-Close Uniflex, Inc.
Press-Tight Restek Corporation
Presslok Thermo Fisher Scientific
PREST BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Presto Zymark Corp.
Prevail Alltech Associates
Prevail Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Prevail Willson
PreVue Inverness Medical
Prima Thermo Fisher Scientific
Primair North Safety Products
PrimaPure Genlantis
Primar Fisher Scientific
Primar Plus Fisher Scientific
Primaria BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Primaris Imation Corp.
Primary Time Teacher Learning Resources, Inc.
Primatone Quest International
Prime Alert Scott Health and Safety
Prime-a-Gene Promega Corp.
Prime-It Stratagene
PrimeMate Labconco
Primer Ohaus Corp.
PrimeSTAR Takara Bio Inc.
Primo Thermo Fisher Scientific
Primo Star Carl Zeiss
Princo Princo Instruments
PrintMate Thermo Fisher Scientific
PrintMatic Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories
PrintOver Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories
Prism Precision Laboratories
Prism Perfect Willson
Prius Toyota Motor Corp.
Prizm American Allsafe Co.
Pro Servus
Pro System Willson
Pro Warrington Norcross Safety Products
PRO-Clean Hygiena International
PRO-HOOD W.H. Salisbury
Pro-Matrix Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pro-Q Molecular Probes Inc. (Life Technologies Corp.)
Pro-Sect Nasco International, Inc.
PRO-WEAR W.H. Salisbury Corporation
Pro-Wipe Berkshire Corp.
Pro/Pak Task Force Tips
ProAir Draeger Safety
Proban Albright &Wilson UK Ltd.
ProbeClean International Test Solutions
ProbeOn Fisher Scientific
ProbeQuant GE Healthcare
ProbeTec BD Diagnostics
ProBind BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ProBond Invitrogen
Probot Thermo Fisher Scientific
Process Management Technologies Millipore Corp.
Processor Whatman Inc.
Prochrom Millipore Corp.
ProClean E.I. duPont de Nemours
ProClin Rohm and Haas Company
ProComm Datastorm Technologies
Procount Streck Laboratories
ProCulture LabGlass
Producer Applied Materials, Inc.
ProEars Howard Leight
ProFection Promega Corp.
Profile LifeScan, Inc.
Profile Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Profile NVG Eye Safety Systems
ProFlex Ergodyne Corporation
ProFlexx Ferno Washington
ProFluor Promega Corp.
ProFlux Millipore Corp.
ProFound Thermo Fisher Scientific
Progard Millipore Corp.
ProgramLink Ohaus Corp.
Proguard Decon Laboratories
Projx Berkshire Corp.
PROLENE Ethicon, Inc.
Prolex PRO-LAB Diagnostics
ProLine SBS Products
ProLine Walter Kidde
Proline Biohit Oy
ProLok Willson
Promega Promega Corp.
ProMega-Markers Promega Corp.
Promethean Richard Sandler
Prominence Shimadzu
Prompt BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Pronase EMD Chemicals Inc.
Pronestyl E.R. Squibb &Sons
Pronto 3M
Pronto! Corning
ProofStart Qiagen
ProPac Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProPlus Raytek Corporation
ProPolymer Streamlight, Inc.
PROPOR domnick hunter
PROPOR PES domnick hunter
ProPur Thermo Fisher Scientific
PROSAT Contec Inc.
PROSAT Sterile Contec Inc.
Prosep Millipore Corp.
Proseries BioWhittaker Molecular Applications
ProShield E.I. duPont de Nemours
ProSieve Cambrex Corporation
ProSpecT Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProSphere Alltech Associates
Prospore Raven Biological Laboratories
ProStar Varian, Inc.
ProSwift Thermo Fisher Scientific
Protégé Bacou-Dalloz
Protease-Glo Promega Corp.
Proteasome-Glo Promega Corp.
ProTech CMC Rescue
Protech Pro-Tech Professional Products
ProtectAide Protectaide
Protecting What Matters Most Fisher Scientific
Protecting Your Laboratory Environment Labconco
Protective Industrial Products Protective Industrial Products
Protecto-Shield Willson
Protector Labconco
PROtector MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Protector Pelican Products
Protector ClassMate Labconco
Protector Premier Labconco
Protector XStream Labconco
Protectoseal Protectoseal
Protegrity Cardinal Health
Protein Grade Calbiochem Novabiochem Corp.
Protein InstaStain Edvotek, Inc.
Protein Medleys Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Protein Plus Edvotek
ProteinCenter Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProteinChips Ciphergen
ProTemp Pep Boys
ProteoBlock Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProteoJET Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProteoLink Promega Corp.
Proteome Profiler R&D Systems, Inc.
Proteome Purify R&D Systems, Inc.
ProteomeX Thermo Fisher Scientific
Proteomics Solution 1 Applied Biosystems
ProteoSeek Thermo Fisher Scientific
Proteus Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProTEV Promega Corp.
Protex-Ray Owner: Uniflex, Inc.
ProTime ITC
Protinol Advanced Instruments, Inc.
PROTOCOL Fisher Scientific
ProtocolWriter Transgenomic, Inc.
Proton Scott Health and Safety
Protran Scheicher and Schuell
ProTuf Ansell
ProVent Kappler USA
Provision Bacou-Dalloz
ProWarrington Total Fire Group
ProWeigh Environmental Express
Prowler Enpac Corp.
ProZorb Contec Inc.
PRP Hamilton Co.
PSAT College Entrance Examination Board
PSAT/NMSQT College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation
Pseudosel BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
psiCHECK Promega Corp.
psiLentGene Promega Corp.
psiSTRIKE Promega Corp.
pTARGET Promega Corp.
PTC-200 MJ Research
PTL Aearo Technologies
PTS Panels Polymer Technology Systems, Inc.
Puffin Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pullover MSA
Pulsar MSA
Pulsar Heat Systems, Inc.
Pulsator Sims Portex Inc.
Pumpmatic Ashton Pumpmatic
PumpPro Watson-Marlow
Punctur-Guard ICU Medical
Punxsutawney Phil Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, Inc.
Pupil Cam Ken-A-Vision Mfg. Co.
Pur-Comfort Tennessee Mat Company Inc
Pur-Wraps Hardwood Products
Pura-Fit Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Puradisc The Whatman Group
Pure Molecular BioProducts
Pure Data for a Healthy Planet YSI Inc.
Pure Flow 1000 Fendall, Inc.
pure loyalty Millipore Corp.
Pure Via Whole Earth Sweetener Company
Pure Water Thermo Fisher Scientific
Purebond Entegris
PureExtreme Thermo Fisher Scientific
PureFit Perfect Fit Glove Co.
pureGene Gentra Systems
Purell GOJO Industries
PUREpack Thermo Fisher Scientific
PurePak National Scientific Co.
PurePeak Thermo Fisher Scientific
PureProteome Millipore Corp.
Purewipe American Fiber and Finishing, Inc.
PureYield Promega Corp.
PuriCare Labconco
Purification Suite Thermo Fisher Scientific
Purifier Labconco
Puritan Hardwood Products
Purospher The Merck Group
Purple Knight Safeskin Corp.
Purple Nitrile Safeskin Corp.
Purple Nitrile-XTRA Safeskin Corp.
PURSWAB Hardwood Products
Purus Purus International, Inc.
Push Point Kontes Glass
Push-Ins Aearo Technologies
PushLoop Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pushpoint Kontes Glass
PuzzleMaker Discovery Communications, Inc.
PVA Ansell
PVDFPlus GE Osmonics
PWA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pylox MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Pyralin E.I. duPont de Nemours
Pyramex Pyramex Safety
Pyrex Corning
PyrexPlus Corning
Pyro-Clean Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pyroceram Corning
Pyrofax PyroFax Gas Corp.
Pyrogard Millipore Corp.
Pyrolite Akron Brass
Pyrosequencing Biotage
PyroStart Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pyrotell Associates of Cape Cod, Incorporated
Pyrotone Elizabeth Webbing Mills
Pyseal Fisher Scientific
Python Dalloz Fall Protection
pZerO Invitrogen