Oakton™ Testr PCTS 50 Waterproof Pocket pH/Cond/TDS/Salinity Tester

Great for water, wastewater, laboratory or plant use, these multiparameter testers feature long-life pH electrodes with a wide range of sample compatibility. Ideal for pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature testing.

Oakton™ pHTestr 50S Waterproof Pocket Tester with Spear Tip

Oakton pH 50 Spear Waterproof Pocket pH TestrTM unique junction design provides increased electrolyte flow, resulting in greater contact between sample and reference, ensuring fast, stable readings. Large electrode junction makes clogging virtually impossible

Argos Technologies™ Black Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5mL

Ideal for use with fluorescent probes or ethidium bromide

Masterflex™ L/S™ Digital Dispensing Pump Systems with Open-Head Sensor and Easy-Load™ II Head

Masterflex™ L/S™ Digital Dispensing Pump Systems with Open-Head Sensor and Easy-Load™ II Head offer analog remote control options and simple programming—ideal for automated process applications.

Oakton™ pHTestr 50 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester

Oakton pHTestr 50 has a replaceable double junction sensor for longer life, an expanded number of applications, and easy maintenance. Versatile, compact design works in the field or laboratory

Electrothermal CMUA Series Stirring/Heating Mantles

Electrothermal™ CMUA Series Stirring/Heating Mantles—magnetic stirrer and heating mantle in one convenient unit

Fisherbrand™ Acrylic Safety Glasses Holder 12-Unit

Clean line storage solutions perfect for laboratory organization. Fisherbrand Acrylic Safety Glasses Holder 12-Unit is made of clear durable acrylic.

Argos Technologies™ PolarSafe™ Cryo/Freezer Mini Cardboard Box With 25-Place Cell Divider

Used in mechanical freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks. Argos Technologies PolarSafe™ Cryo/Freezer Mini Cardboard Box With 25-Place Cell Divider has small holes on bottom which allows safe drainage of liquid nitrogen or water.

Oakton™ PCTSTestr™ 5 Waterproof Pocket Tester

Oakton™ PCTSTestr™ 5 Waterproof Pocket Tester performs conductivity, pH, salinity, and TDS testing all in one meter

Cole Parmer Inst Co  TYGON TBG 1/4"ID X 3/8"OD PK50

36-101-3315 TYGON TBG 1/4"ID X 3/8"OD PK50 TYGON TBG 1/4"ID X 3/8"OD PK50

Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pumps

Positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids

Electrothermal Programmable Digital Melting Point Apparatus with Beginning/Ending Recording

Electrothermal Programmable Digital Melting Point Apparatus with Beginning/Ending Recording features rotating viewing head ensuring each user can analyze samples clearly

Argos Technologies™ Nova Microcinerator

Burner assembly can be adjusted to five different positions for improved user comfort

Electrothermal CMU Series Controlled Heating Mantles

Don't get burned—Electrothermal™ Controlled Aluminum Heating Mantles outer housing stays 'safe to the touch.'

Cole-Parmer™ elements™ Modular Magnetic Stirrer

Optimize your stirring needs and workspace with this completely customizable stirrer

Digi-Sense™ Precalibrated Pocket Thermometer

Digi-Sense Precalibrated Pocket Thermometers give quick temperature readings with excellent accuracy

Digi-Sense™ Precalibrated Humidity and Temperature Indicators

Designed to gauge proper humidity levels

Digi-Sense™ Precalibrated Data Logging Light Meter

Ensure lighting standards and increase system efficiencies with precision measurement accuracy

Digi-Sense™ Advanced Precalibrated Thermocouple Thermometers

Perfect for the lab to production floor

Digi-Sense™ Precalibrated Professional Thermocouple Thermometers

Rugged, heavy-duty construction protects against knocks and jars

Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Temperature/RH Touch Screen Recorders with NIST-Traceable Calibration

8GB on board memory provides virtually unlimited data logging capacity

Argos Technologies™ FireStar™ ST Bunsen Burners

Provides economical solution to Bunsen burner safety with footswitch or on/off button for easy ignition and shut off

Fisherbrand™ EVA Foam Ice Pans and Buckets with Lids

Fisherbrand™EVA Foam Ice Pans and Buckets with Lids provide excellent insulation for any benchtop cryogenic application, without the mess!

Ismatec™ Reglo Digital Miniflex Pumps

Versatile pumps with an intuitive touch-screen interface for accurate low-flow fluid delivery.

Digi-Sense™ Precalibrated CFM/CMM Hot-Wire Thermoanemometer

High precision at very low air velocities and flow rates

Argos Technologies™ PolarSafe™ 100-Place Light-Sensitive Cryo Box

All-black polypropylene storage box ideal for light-sensitive samples

Ismatec™ Reglo Miniflex Dispensing Pump Systems

Complete systems to increase the efficiency and accuracy of filling and dispensing applications

Argos Technologies™ Gridless Polypropylene Storage Box

Designed to store larger tubes (lying flat) and laboratory vials. Argos Technologies Gridless Polypropylene Storage Box has venting holes in the bottom.