Cell Biology


EMD Millipore Scepter 2.0 Cell Counter

The EMD Millipore Scepter is the first hand-held, automated cell counter that works on the principle of electrical impedance to accurately and precisely measure particle size and concentration. Samples are aspirated into the precision-molded sensor, which tracks the cells as they pass through a laser-drilled aperture, generating a voltage spike and determining the absolute cell count. The EMD Millipore Scepter uses two different sensors to enable cell counts in the ranges of 3-17µm and 6-36µm in diameter. Because it is measuring a change in electrical impedance, it can detect cells, particles, beads, algae and yeast for a wide range of applications.

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MilliporeSigma Millicell™ EZ SLIDE

Simplify your cell analysis by using the MilliporeSigma Millicell EZ SLIDE to culture, fix, stain and view your sample all in one device. There's no need to remove the media chamber from the slide prior to fixing or staining. Easy well-removal eliminates the worry of breaking slides or harming cells.

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EMD Millipore Millicell 

The EMD Millipore Millicell family of membrane-based cultureware includes single-well standing and hanging inserts, precoated and preloaded, as well as 24- and 96-well cell culture insert plates, with the most extensive membrane selection available. EMD Millipore Millicell inserts and plates feature membranes that allow easy access to both the apical and basolateral sides of cells. This encourages three-dimensional growth and provides a more accurate in vitro model than regular plastic plates. It also opens up more options for co-culture studies.

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Sterile Filtration / Microbiology

Sterile Filtration

Don't take risks with your work. Eliminating contaminants from your cell growth media and additives is absolutely crucial to preserving the integrity and accuracy of your cell cultures. From one milliliter to 20L, MilliporeSigma offers an array of both vacuum and pressure-driven devices.

Catalog No Product Process Volume

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Millex Sterile Syringe Filters
Process Volume

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Steriflip
Process Volume
up to 50mL

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Sterivex
Process Volume

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Stericup
Process Volume
150, 250, 500 and 1000mL

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Steritop
Process Volume
150, 250, 500 and 1000mL

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Stericap PLUS
Process Volume
up to 10L

Catalog No

MilliporeSigma Steripak
Process Volume
up to 20L

Microbiological Analysis

The EZ-Product Family

Make your microbiology workflow EZ.

The EZ-Product family includes the EZ-Fit™ Manifold, the EZ-Pak™ Dispenser Curve and the EZ-Stream™ Pump. In combination, these products provide optimal performance and streamline your bioburden analysis workflow.

The EZ-Fit Manifold makes laboratory filtration easier. Its unique design includes quick-fit connections for assembly and disassembly without tools and a low profile to increase operator comfort. Plus, all internal areas are accessible for easy cleaning, facilitating biofilm prevention. Different filtration heads, all with quick-fit connections, make the manifold compatible with disposable filtration devices, stainless steel and glass funnels.

The second member of the product family is the EZ-Pak™ Dispenser Curve. The dispenser provides high-speed sterile membrane dispensing with no-touch operation. The new, improved design allows for quick and easy membrane loading.

Completing your filtration set-up, the EZ-Stream™ Pump increases efficiency. Fluid flows directly through the pump to waste, eliminating the need for intermediate waste containers. The pump is designed for quiet operation, and the vacuum level is compliant with regulatory standards.

Microbiological quality attributes are of key interest in many different industries. In fact, microbiological QA parameters play a major role in the manufacturing and final release of products. To ensure optimum performance, quality departments around the world test their raw materials, in-process controls and final products using EMD Millipore products. Routine testing using EMD Millipore's membrane filtration products will help you stay in compliance with regulations and assure you of accurate, dependable results. The MF technique is the standard test for detecting microorganisms whether testing in a lab or in the field, EMD Millipore has a range of products for microbiological analysis of water, including membrane filters, media, incubators, sampling valves and swabs and samplers.



Small-Scale BioProcessing Products - Filtration and Purification

MilliporeSigma offers small-scale bioprocessing products that enable you to conduct your own process development using proven, reliable, consistent and scalable devices. Our product offering includes devices for prefiltration, clarification, ultrafiltration, sterile filtration, chromatography and vent filtration for use in vaccine, biotech and classical pharmaceutical process applications.

Liquid Sterile Filter

Gas Filtration

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Water Purification

As the most commonly used solvent, your laboratory relies heavily on the quality of your water.

MilliporeSigma offers solutions for: Type 1 - Ultrapure, Type 2 - Pure, Type 3 - RiOS


Type 1 - Ultrapure

Several MilliporeSigma water systems are designed to produce ultrapure (Type 1) water. Some can operate directly from tap (potable) water and others from pure water (Elix, RiOs, distilled or DI water).

The selection of the proper ultrapure water system for your laboratory will depend on several parameters such as: feed water available in the laboratory, instant and daily volume needs of ultrapure water or ultrapure and pure water, the quality of monitoring of water quality and the level of certification required and several other points.


Type 2 - Pure

Several MilliporeSigma water systems are designed to produce pure water (Type 2), combining several purification technologies suitable for applications like buffer preparation, pH solution preparation and microbiological media preparation and feed to laboratory systems.

From tap to pure:


Type 3 - RiOS

The production of pure water is indispensable in any laboratory. However, for most users, the production of pure water involves high costs and extensive maintenance due to inefficient or outdated water purification systems. Furthermore, most water purification systems cannot guarantee the production of consistently pure water quality.

Several EMD Millipore water systems are designed to produce pure water (Type 3) combining several purification technologies suitable for applications that feed to: washing machines for final rinsing of glassware, heating baths, autoclaves, etc.

From tap to pure:

Sample Filtration

NEW! Samplicity G2 Filtration System for HPLC Samples

The Better Way to Use Millex Filters

For chromatographers who filter dozens of HPLC samples a day through Millex™ syringe filters, especially for hard-to-filter, viscous or particulate-laden samples, traditional filtration can lead to manual fatigue. Nevertheless, they stick with Millex™ filters, which are specified in numerous HPLC methods and standard operating procedures. The Samplicity™ G2 multi-sample filtration system enables you to enjoy Millex™ quality, but skip the pain of manual syringe filtration.

The newest Samplicity™ G2 system gives you:

  • Vacuum filtration of 1-8 samples in seconds directly into HPLC vials
  • An ergonomic alternative to syringe filters
  • Broader membrane selection
  • Compatibility with any protocol or SOP specifying 33 mm Millex™ filters

MilliporeSigma Samplicity Brochure (PDF, 3MB)

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Millex Syringe Filters

Millex™ syringe filters set the standard for reliable small-volume sterile filtration.

  • Low Extractables, Low Binding 
    A variety of membranes and housings ensure compatibility with a range of solutions
  • Faster Flow Rate 
    33mm Millex filters have 20% more filter surface area for significantly higher flow rate and throughput
  • Low Hold-up Volume 
    Despite the increased membrane area in the 33mm Millex filters, the hold-up volume (after air purge) has been reduced to 80µL, a 20% decrease over 25mm filters
  • Higher Operating Pressure 
    Millex 33mm filters can withstand maximum housing pressure of 150 psig (10-bar) so that solutions filter faster


Fuel, Hydraulic Fluids and Machined Parts

The machines that keep global industries running need clean parts, fuel and hydraulic fluids that are free of particles and other contamination.

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

Whether you need to collect air to monitor particulate contamination, or analyze soil or water for hazardous chemicals, EMD Millipore can supply the expertise, products and protocols to ensure results that are compliant with regulatory requirements. EMD Millipore products designed for environmental applications have been developed for use with standard methods, including those of NIOSH, OSHA and ASTM.

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Air Monitoring

Particle contamination is a concern during the processing, manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, foods and mechanical and electrical components. EMD Millipore has applied its extensive filtration expertise to a broad range of products optimized to help you comply with ever-decreasing detection limits in occupational and environmental monitoring.


Soil Monitoring

EMD Millipore offers a Zero Head Space Extractor system for sample extraction that meets the requirements of the EPA's Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), plus a variety of filters, holders and manifolds optimized to deliver superior results during downstream analyses.


Water Testing

EMD Millipore's family of certified sample preparation devices provide a disposable, yet reliable method for collecting and preparing environmental samples for downstream analysis. From groundwater collection to chromatographic analysis, there is a device to simplify your procedure and improve your results.



Filtration of Aqueous and Organic Solutions

Whether you need to separate or remove contaminants from air or fluid samples prior to downstream analysis, MilliporeSigma's broad selection of membrane types and pore sizes ensure that the right filter is available for your application. Membrane pore sizes range from 0.025µm to 12µm and net filters (nylon or polypropylene) are available from 11µm to 180µm. Filter discs are available in 13mm to 293mm. Non-sterile Millex syringe filters are available in a new, larger 33mm housing with MilliporeSigma Express PLUS (PES), Durapore (PVDF) and nylon membranes.


MilliporeSigma Multiscreen (Multiwell Plate Filtration)

We offer hundreds of plate-based products for filtration and cell growth including numerous plate accessories. Applications for Multiscreen plates include:

Small-Scale BioProcessing Products - Filtration and Purification

MilliporeSigma offers small-scale bioprocessing products enabling you to conduct your own process development using proven, reliable consistent and scalable devices. Our product offering includes devices for prefiltration, clarification, ultrafiltration, sterile filtration, chromatography and vent filtration for use in vaccine, biotech and classical pharmaceutical process applications.

Protein Research

When downstream quality matters, make sure your upstream tools are the best.

Fast and easy protein preparation with premier products for His-tag purification and immunoprecipitation, concentration, desalting and buffer exchange, and protein processing.


New SNAP i.d. 2.0 IHC System

Key Features

  • Flexibility of multiple slide configurations enables the processing of 1 to 24 slides at a time
  • Compatible with standard IHC slides and protocols
  • Compatible with diverse tissue preparations including formalin-fixed or fresh frozen samples
  • Intuitive format
    • Incorporates blocking, washing and antibody incubation and labeling steps
    • Systematizes handling multiples slides without the cost of automation
  • Test tracker feature on frame cover helps keep track of IHC steps

SNAP i.d. 2.0 IHC System Brochure (PDF, 2.7MB)

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for pap pens
  • Antibodies can be collected and reused
  • Slide handling time is significantly decreased
  • Less time spent on wash steps
  • Parallel processing of multiple slides


New Amicon Pro Protein Purification System

Traditional protein purification is a long process with many steps and multiple devices, often resulting in protein degradation and loss. Avoid the risks associated with sample transfer and reduce hands-on time when you bind, wash, elute and/or concentrate your protein in the all-in-one Amicon™ Pro purification system. No matter what your workflow, the Amicon Pro system delivers consistent, accurate sample preparation, resulting in more reliable recovery, uncompromised purity and easier data generation.

Because of the extremely flexible, modular design of the Amicon Pro system, you can configure the perfect device for your protein preparation.

Amicon Brochure (PDF, 783KB)


Western Blotting

One way to improve the quality and consistency of results from your immunodetection protocols is to use components that have been optimized to complement each other during every step of the Western Blotting process. EMD Millipore's full line of innovative products provides you with the technology to streamline your immunodetection process and deliver high quality results.

SNAP i.d. 2.0 Protein Detection System
Rethink Western blotting. Take protein detection to new dimensions. Meet the fast, versatile SNAP i.d. 2.0 system, to fully exploit three dimensional reagent distribution. Unlike conventional Western blotting, where diffusion is the primary means of reagent transport, the SNAP i.d. 2.0 system applies a vacuum to actively drive antibodies and buffers right through the membrane. This advanced technology promotes antigen binding and thorough washing, enabling you to better optimize your Western blotting conditions.

  • Superior – Increased antibody-antigen binding, enhanced washes and antibody recollection
  • Flexible – Two gel sizes: mini (7.5 x 8.4 cm) and midi (8.7 x 13.5 cm)
  • Fast – 30 minute immunodetection

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Purification and Processing

EMD Millipore Amicon Ultra Centrifugal Filters

EMD Millipore Amicon Ultra centrifugal filters give you fast, effective concentration for the most sensitive downstream applications:

  • Vertical membrane minimizes concentration polarization for ultra-fast spin times
  • Reverse spin technology maximizes sample recovery
  • Newest line extension, Amicon 2mL, broadens your options

PureProteome Magnetic Bead Systems

  • Achieve high purity 
    Low non-specific binding of other proteins
  • High binding capacity 
    Millipore's process for paramagnetizing porous silica particles produces magnetic beads with increased surface area, allowing more binding sites for proteins

Immobilon Transfer Membranes

Millipore offers three varieties of PVDF transfer membranes. All have exceptional handling characteristics and are compatible with a variety of detection chemistries and reprobing techniques.

For added convenience, choose Blotting Sandwiches with pre-cut sheets of membrane and blotting filter paper interleaved.

PVDF membranes offer:

  • Excellent protein retention
  • Physical strength
  • Broad chemical compatibility

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EMD Millipore Bløk Noise-Cancelling Reagents

Optimized to perform with EMD Millipore’s SNAP i.d.™ Western Blotting Detection System.

EMD Millipore Bløk™ Noise-Cancelling Reagents reduce cross-reactivity and background meaning better visualization of low-abundance proteins or avidin-biotin detection. Perfect for detecting protein phosphorylation with high signal-to-noise (Bløk-PO reagent). Bløk reagents can be stored at room temperature.


Luminata Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrates

Luminata™ Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrates are premixed for convenience. Formulated for optimal results.

  • Premixed for convenience and to avoid cross contamination of the reagents
  • Broad range of sensitivities to satisfy all detection needs
  • Consistent results with less pipetting error
  • Best detection performance relative to competition.
  • Compatible with both PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes, as well as all commonly used buffers and blocking reagents

Luminata Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrates


Small-Scale BioProcessing Products - Filtration and Purification

EMD Millipore offers small-scale bioprocessing products enabling you to conduct your own process development using proven, reliable, consistent and scalable devices. Our product offering includes devices for prefiltration, clarification, ultrafiltration, sterile filtration, chromatography and vent filtration for use in vaccine, biotech and classical pharmaceutical process applications.


Chemicals, Analytics, Chromatography

At MilliporeSigma, we believe that quality in means quality out. That's why our reagents and chemicals are subjected to stringent controls during development and production to ensure reliable and reproducible results. Whether for analysis or synthesis, complex or routine applications, research or production or even cleaning or monitoring, we give you a choice of more than 30,000 premium chemicals and reagents to facilitate your daily work. And, should you need further support, you can expect the same excellent quality from our service teams around the world.