Micronova Mfg Co.

Micronova™ Universal Stainless-Steel Mop Handles

Entire handle can be autoclaved

Micronova™ NovaHol™ Cleanroom Wash

Isopropyl alcohol content speeds drying time

Micronova™ M-Zone™ CuffStrip™ Tape

Ensures an effective seal between the glove and garment in a critical environment

Micronova™ T-Mop™ MegaTex™ Cover

With a 180° swivel, this mop is ideal for cleaning under equipment or for applying disinfectants or detergents to large surface areas

Micronova™ BagCutter Knife

Automatically retractable safety blade guard

Micronova™ PowerHead™ Disposable Mop Heads

Available in several different types and densities of foam and material coverings

Micronova™ BinLiners Waste Disposal Bags

For transport of product and waste disposal

Micronova™ NovaPoly™ Sponge

Polyester covered urethane foam

Micronova™ CSLB™ MicroSeal™ Tape

Ensures effective seal between glove and garment. Micronova™ CSLB™ Microseal™ Tape includes perforations for tearing at optimal lengths.

Micronova™ T-Mop™ MicroFiber™ Cover

The wide surface serves as a perfect device for applying disinfectants in a sterile environment

Micronova™ PolyMitt™ Wiper

Combines versatility of wipe with security of glove

Micronova™ Floor Drain Brush

For cleaning floor drains

Micronova™ MicroMop™ Fabric Mops

Highly efficient floor mops for cleaning large surface areas quickly

Micronova™ T-Mop™ Cleanroom Mops with Covers

Low-profile, wide-surface mops with covers

Micronova™ EZT™ Construction Tape

Easily bonds different mediums such as plastic, concrete, or stainless steel

Micronova™ CR100 PC™ Cleanroom Tape—Transparent

For light industrial use, clean construction and cleanroom support

Fisherbrand™ Industrial-Grade Vinyl Cleanroom Tape

For light industrial use, clean construction and cleanroom support

Micronova™ SnapMop™: Non-Irradiated

Can be laundered and autoclaved

Micronova™ PolyMesh™ Sponges

Break down tough soils

Micronova™ NovaDyne™ Soap

General purpose soap for use in commercial settings