Micronova Mfg Co.

Micronova™ MegaTip™ Swab Adapter

Adapter for use with Micronova MegaTip Swab

Micronova™ Mop Handles

Handle for Micronova mops

Micronova™ PocketMop Flat Head Irradiated Mops

Used for controlled environments

Micronova™ Labmarkers

With permanent, quick drying black ink that is resistant to IPA

Micronova™ BinLiners Waste Disposal Bags

For transport of product and waste disposal

Micronova™ CR100 PC™ Cleanroom Tape—White

Processed for applications in and around cleanrooms

Micronova™ NovaClean™ Floor Cleaner

Economical, all-purpose detergent

Micronova™ T-Mop™ MicroFiber™ Cover

The wide surface serves as a perfect device for applying disinfectants in a sterile environment

Micronova™ T-Mop™ Cleanroom Mops with Covers

Low-profile, wide-surface mops with covers

Micronova™ PolyMesh™ Wipers

A low-linting polyester wiper with good absorbency

Micronova™ Tool/Mop Handles

Lightweight, plastic-coated fiberglass handles

Micronova™ CR100 PC™ Cleanroom Tape—Dark Blue

Processed for applications in and around cleanrooms

Micronova™ T-Mop™ Cleanroom Mops: Adapters

Low-profile, wide-surface mop

Micronova™ Polyester SnapMop™ Mop Covers

Dries fast and weighs little. Micronova™ Polyester SnapMop™ Mop Covers are are washable, autoclavable, and reusable.

Micronova™ CR100IR™ Irradiated Vinyl Cleanroom Tapes

Used for media preparation, batching, color coding and packaging

Micronova™ T-Mop™ MicroFiber™ Slipcover

Low profile mop can clean most surfaces in a cleanroom

Micronova™ PocketMop Flat Head Mops

Used for controlled environments

Micronova™ Universal Stainless-Steel Mop Handles

Entire handle can be autoclaved

Micronova™ CR100 PC™ Cleanroom Tape—Dark Green

Processed for applications in and around cleanrooms

Micronova™ MittWipes™ NovaPoly™ Wiper with Foam Interior

Combines versatility of high-quality, 100% polyester wiper with the security of a glove

Micronova™ MicroMop™ Fabric Mops

Highly efficient floor mops for cleaning large surface areas quickly

Micronova™ NovaCel™ Wipes

Absorbent PVA wipes with ultra-clean quality and broad chemical resistance

Micronova™ CuffStrip™

Secure gloves to gown sleeves in critical environments

Micronova™ CR100 PC™ Cleanroom Tape—Light Blue

Processed for applications in and around cleanrooms