Invitrogen™ Qubit™ Assay Tubes <img src=

Invitrogen™ Qubit™ Assay Tubes DFS Item

For use with the Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer

Invitrogen™ SYBR™ Safe DNA Gel Stain <img src=

Invitrogen™ SYBR™ Safe DNA Gel Stain Greener Choice DFS Item

Highly sensitive stain for visualization of DNA in agarose or acrylamide gels

Invitrogen™ RNaseOUT™ Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor <img src=

Invitrogen™ RNaseOUT™ Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor DFS Item

Protects mRNA and improves total cDNA yields

Invitrogen™ UltraPure™ DNase/RNase-Free Distilled Water <img src=

Invitrogen™ UltraPure™ DNase/RNase-Free Distilled Water Greener Choice DFS Item

Grade: DNase-Free, Molecular Biology Grade, Protease-Free, RNase-Free Sample Treatment: Not DEPC-Treated Format: Bottle(s) Green Features: Sustainable packaging Product Line: UltraPure™ Purification Method: Membrane-Filtered

Invitrogen™ TRIzol™ Reagent <img src=

Invitrogen™ TRIzol™ Reagent DFS Item

Isolate RNA, DNA, and protein from the same sample

Invitrogen™ Qubit™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ Qubit™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit Greener Choice DFS Item

Highly selective for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) over RNA

Invitrogen™ RNase<i>Zap</i>™ RNase Decontamination Solution <img src=

Invitrogen™ RNaseZap™ RNase Decontamination Solution DFS Item

Surface decontaminant that destroys RNases on contact

Invitrogen™ Subcloning Efficiency™ DH5α Competent Cells <img src=

Invitrogen™ Subcloning Efficiency™ DH5α Competent Cells DFS Item

Economical for routine subcloning procedures or applications where starting DNA is not limiting

Invitrogen™ GlycoBlue™ Coprecipitant (15 mg/mL) <img src=

Invitrogen™ GlycoBlue™ Coprecipitant (15 mg/mL) DFS Item

Blue dye increases pellet visibility

Invitrogen™ Qubit™ dsDNA BR Assay Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ Qubit™ dsDNA BR Assay Kit DFS Item

Highly selective for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) over RNA

Invitrogen™ TURBO DNA-<i>free</i>™ Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ TURBO DNA-free™ Kit DFS Item

Ideal tool for clearing residual DNA

Invitrogen™ RNA<i>later</i>™ Stabilization Solution <img src=

Invitrogen™ RNAlater™ Stabilization Solution DFS Item

Immediate RNase inactivation and RNA stabilization within tissues or cells

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit DFS Item

Provides a simple, reliable, and rapid column-based method for isolating high-quality total RNA from a wide variety of sources without the need for hazardous reagents such as phenol

Invitrogen™ Quant-iT™ PicoGreen™ dsDNA Assay Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ Quant-iT™ PicoGreen™ dsDNA Assay Kit DFS Item

Selectively detect 25pg/mL of dsDNA in presence of ssDNA, RNA, and free nucleotides

Invitrogen™ Countess™ Cell Counting Chamber Slides <img src=

Invitrogen™ Countess™ Cell Counting Chamber Slides DFS Item

Designed for use with Countess Automated Cell Counter

Invitrogen™ Nunc MaxiSorp™ flat-bottom

Invitrogen™ Nunc MaxiSorp™ flat-bottom

High protein-binding capacity polystyrene 96 well ELISA plates that are recommended for use with eBioscience Ready-SET-Go! ELISA reagent sets, as well as other matched antibody pairs for ELISA.

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ <i>Taq</i> DNA Polymerase <img src=

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ Taq DNA Polymerase DFS Item

Convenient and reliable “hot start” thermostable DNA polymerase for PCR that provides enhanced specificity over that of Taq DNA Polymerase

Invitrogen™ Mini Gel Tank <img src=

Invitrogen™ Mini Gel Tank DFS Item

Compatible with a variety of Novex™ gels, NuPAGE™ gels, and Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels

Invitrogen™ NP40 Cell Lysis Buffer <img src=

Invitrogen™ NP40 Cell Lysis Buffer DFS Item

Suitable for preparation of cell extracts

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit DFS Item

Enables fast purification of high-quality microbial and host DNA from a wide variety of sample types, including challenging samples such as stool and soil

Invitrogen™ DynaMag™-2 Magnet <img src=

Invitrogen™ DynaMag™-2 Magnet DFS Item

Optimized for efficient magnetic separation of all types of Dynabeads; (range 1-4.5μm in diameter) in small (<2mL) sample volumes

Invitrogen™ OneComp eBeads™ Compensation Beads

Invitrogen™ OneComp eBeads™ Compensation Beads

Spherical particles that can be stained with individual fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for use as single-color compensation controls. OneComp eBeads react with antibodies of mouse, rat and hamster origin, and are immunoglobulin light chain-independent. 1 drop (50μL)/test

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit <img src=

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit DFS Item

Contaminants are removed with Wash Buffer

Invitrogen™ BlueJuice™ Gel Loading Buffer (10X) <img src=

Invitrogen™ BlueJuice™ Gel Loading Buffer (10X) Greener Choice DFS Item

Designed for easy loading and tracking of DNA samples in agarose or native polyacrylamide gels