Protective Industrial Products, Inc.

PIP™ CleanTeam™ Cotton Lisle Inspection Gloves

Ideal for inspection and electronics assembly or as liners under disposable and unsupported, liquid-proof gloves

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 22mil Medium and Heavy-weight Nitrile Gloves

Resistant to physical and chemical hazards such as cut, puncture, solvents and oil based chemicals

PIP™ Kut-Gard™ Seamless Knit Hot Mill Gloves with Extended Cuff

Used for hot metal handling, glass handling, foundries and forging operations.

PIP™ Bouton™ Recon™ Rimless Safety Glasses

Trendy rimless design offering ultimate comfort with non-slip bridge and end tips.

PIP™ Stone™ Safety Goggles

Helps provide protection from projectiles and impact in general use applications.

PIP™ PermaFlex™ Cold-Resistant PVC-Coated Gloves

Gloves stay soft and flexible in cold applications

Fisherbrand™ Cotton Inspection Gloves

Ideal for general inspection work or as liners for unlined liquidproof gloves

PIP™ Medium Weight Overcast Hem Gloves

Designed to minimize contamination of products from human hands

Fisherbrand™ Double-Dipped PVC Gloves: Gauntlet Length

Provide enhanced cut resistance and excellent wet or slippery grip

PIP™ Assurance™ Flock-Lined Neoprene Gloves

Ideal for use in the petrochemical industry, janitorial and general maintenance and photo finishing.

PIP™ ATG™ MaxiFlex™ Cut™ Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves

Choose a glove for precision handling in dry environments. The PIP™ ATG™ MaxiFlex™ Cut™ Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves use unique high-performance yarns and fibers developed using CutTech technology to offer cut protection.

Fisherbrand™ Pigskin Leather Welding Gloves

Provide superior dexterity and light heat protection

PIP™ Powdered and Powder-Free Latex Medical Gloves

Medical-grade latex gloves also suitable for laboratory and industrial applications

PIP™ Bouton™ Commander™ Semi-Rimless Safety Glasses

Unique styling that will command your attention with fit, comfort and a variety of technical lens treatments.

Fisherbrand™ Seamless Knit Cotton / Polyester Gloves with Double-Sided PVC Dot Grip

Used in warehousing and package handling, general assembly, light duty general work situations, construction and bottle handling.

Fisherbrand™ Leather Driver's Gloves

Provide abrasion resistance and excellent dexterity

PIP™ CleanTeam™ Light Weight Cotton Inspection Gloves

Ideal for inspection and electronics assembly.

PIP™ Eva™ Women's Pink Safety Glasses

Specially designed for women's facial structures

PIP™ Neoprene-Coated Gauntlet Gloves

Fully coated with neoprene

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 21mil Latex Gloves, Flock-Lined

Flock lining provides increased comfort and ease of donning

PIP™ PowerGrab Thermo Hi-Vis Orange Gloves

Excellent thermal insulation

Fisherbrand™ ProCoat™ PVC Dipped Knitwrist Gloves

Provide enhanced cut resistance and excellent wet or slippery grip

PIP™ Kut-Gard™ Light-Duty Cut-Resistant Gloves

Ideal for any application where sharp cutting instruments are used, such as food service, food processing, and glass and metal handling.

PIP™ Excaliber Cut-and-Sewn Nitrile-Coated Cotton Gloves

Nitrile-coated, cotton-laminated fabric provides great snag, cut and abrasion resistance

PIP™ Cut-resistant 24 in. Length Sleeves

Used for glass operations, metal stamping, sheet metal, automotive, electrical and light heat applications.

PIP™ TOWA™ PowerGrab™ Latex-Coated Palm Textured Finish Gloves

Ideal for general material handling, assembly, construction and inspection applications

PIP™ Hi-Vis Leather-Palm Gloves

Provide workers with improved visibility in high-risk applications