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Maybridge Fluorine Compound Collection Study Poster
Download a poster highlighting the development of a fluorine labelled fragment library of approximately 500 compounds that has been designed based on the Maybridge collection of fluorinated compounds.


Maybridge HitCreator: The Ultimate Diversity Library
Building on over 50 years of expertise in designing industry-leading screening libraries, the pre-plated HitCreator represents the diversity of a 500,000-compound library distilled to 14,000 molecules. Each Maybridge HitCreator is conveniently supplied as dry films in Thermo Scientific™ Matrix 96 shallow-well plates or 384-well microplates.


Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Library
A diverse selection of 2,500 products from the complete 53,000-molecule Maybridge Fragement Library, the Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Library is fully Ro3 compliant with assured quality of ≥ 95% purity and assured solubility. Review three featured journal articles that demonstrate the capabilities of the Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Library.

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The Maybridge collection offers a comprehensive range of chemistry products and services tailored to the drug discovery and biotechnology sector. For over 50 years, Maybridge has been at the forefront of innovative heterocyclic building block and screening compound design. The company is fueled by the desire to access novel molecules of pharmaceutical interest.

The Maybridge portfolio is driven by a keen understanding of the needs of the medicinal chemist and is designed to expedite the drug discovery process.

A recent article in Drug Discovery World (co-authored by Maybridge's own Dr. Edward Zartler, Dr. Chris Swain and Simon Pearce) focused on the evolution of fragment-based lead discovery and how recent research has influenced fragment library design.