Tris Base, ULTROL™ Grade, Calbiochem™, EMD Millipore

Assay Percent Range: ≥99.0% Formula Weight: 121.1 Boiling Point: 219° to 220°C CAS: 77-86-1 Chemical Name or Material: Tris Base Density: 1.353g/cm3 Molecular Formula: C4H11NO3 Melting Point: 168° to 172°C

p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate, EMD Millipore

Chemical Name or Material: p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate

EMD Millipore Chemicon™ Recombinant Mouse Wnt-5a Protein

Contains cysteine modified by palmitate essential for receptor binding and biological activity

Tris, Hydrochloride, ULTROL™ Grade, Calbiochem™, EMD Millipore

Formula Weight: 157.6 CAS: 1185-53-1 Chemical Name or Material: Tris, Hydrochloride Molecular Formula: C4H11NO3·HCl Melting Point: 149°C