AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ AlphaAir™ Face Masks, ASTM Level 3

Provide outstanding particle filtration to 0.1micron. Constructed of naturally fluid-resistant materials with aluminum nosepiece. Soft knit latex-free earloops are four-sided ultrasonically welded to the mask.

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ PFL™ N-95 Particulate Respirator

The NIOSH defined bacterial filtration efficiency delivers the safe protection needed against airborne pathogens and contamination

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ Coverall Face Shields

Good peripheral vision while acting as a shield against dangerous splashes in the work environment

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ GenPro™ Gown

GenPro™ gowns keep clothes clean and remain comfortable all day long.

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ BarrierTech™ Gowns

Provides protection for the wearer from particles, fluids and light chemical splash

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ ComforTech™ Sleeves

Protects from fluids, particles and light chemical splash

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ AquaTrak™ Shoe Covers

AquaTrak™ material keeps the wearer stable and protected in wet and dry conditions.

AlphaProTech AlphaGuard™ Lab Coats

Vapor transmission for cool and comfortable wear

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ GenPro™ Sleeves

Strong, lightweight and breatheable

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ CPE Shoe Covers

Ideal for short wear applications or transition through cleanroom dress area

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ AquaTrak™ Boot Covers

Protects against particles, biologicals and fluids

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ AlphaGuard™ Coveralls i

Fluid repellent and static dissipative

AlphaProTech UltraGrip™ BarrierTech™ Shoe Covers

The Ultimate in Slip and Fall Protection

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ GenPro™ Hood

Designed to protect against dirt, grime, and particulates in nonhazardous environments

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ MVT Highly Breathable Masks

Provides limited flitration efficiency.

AlphaProTech NuTech™ Lab Coats

Lightweight material offering comfort and protection for the wearer all day.

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ ComforTech™ Sleeves for Sterile Suits

Ultra-clean material to ensure a low particulate count and protection for sterile work areas

AlphaProTech NuTech™ Coverall with Elastic Wrist and Ankle and Serged Seams

Designed to keep the wearer clean and comfortable all day

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ GenPro™ Lab Coats

Designed for non-hazardous environments

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ SureGrip™ Shoe Covers

Provides combination of traction, durability and cleanliness

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ UltraGrip™ Boot Covers with Ankle Ties

Ultimate protection top to bottom. AlphaProTech Critical Cover UltraGrip Boot Covers with Ankle Ties offer slip and fall protection on damp and dry floors with the UltraGrip soled high-top boot cover.

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ GenPro™ Bouffants

Contains particles from head area

AlphaProTech NuTech™ Sleeves

For protection against hazardous substances

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ ComforTech™ Coveralls

Lightweight, durable material delivers excellent protection against particles, biologicals and fluids