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All-in-One System for Quick Cell Analysis

EVOS XL Core Imaging System

A perfect addition to any cell culture room or facility, the all-in-one XL Core System can fit into your tissue culture hood or on an adjacent bench, making it easy for you to quickly analyze the status of your cell cultures.

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EVOS XL Core Imaging System Demonstration

This video provides a demonstration of the EVOS XL Core Imaging system. The compact system fits right in the cell culture hood or biosafety cabinet thereby recuing the risk of cell contamination.


As Easy as Click and Print

EVOS FLoid Imaging System

Designed to remove all of the complexities of capturing and processing three-color fluorescent cell images, the EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station allows even the most novice users to spend their time on analysis ― not operation.

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FLoid Cell Imaging Station Demonstration

See how to capture a cell image less than 10 minutes after receiving the EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station.


Simplified Automated Cell Imaging

EVOS FL Auto Imaging System

With the simple touch of a monitor, you can use the Invitrogen™ EVOS™ FL Auto Imaging System for live cell imaging, area scanning, high-resolution image mapping and time-lapse imaging --all at an affordable price for any lab.

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EVOS FL Auto Imaging System Demonstration

The tradition of beautiful microscopy continues with an automated imaging platform capable of cell counting, area scanning, image stitching and time-lapse imaging. Watch as the operator interfaces easily with the flexible imaging system and even switches between monochrome and color cameras with a touch.

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