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Mettler Toledo™ SmartCal™ Moisture Balance Reference Substances

Verify the performance of your moisture analyzer in just 10 minutes. Mettler Toledo SmartCal Moisture Balance Reference Substances can be run like any other sample to fulfill demands of industry regulation and company audits at the same time.

$571.79 - $1,454.93


Includes: Purchase 12 tests, 24 tests, or StarterPac which includes 12 sachets plus measurement protocols, reporting templates, thermo/hygrometer, validation documentation.

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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Type Includes Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Type Includes Price Quantity  
09-313-183 View Documents Mettler Toledo™
cSmartCal 24 tests Each for $1,454.93
09-313-184 View Documents Mettler Toledo™
cSmartCal 12 tests Each for $836.58
09-313-185 View Documents Mettler Toledo™
SmartCal 24 tests Each for $1,363.84
09-313-188 View Documents Mettler Toledo™
SmartCal StarterPac; 12 tests plus accessories 12 sachets of SmartCal plus measurement protocols, Each for $678.00
09-313-187 View Documents Mettler Toledo™
SmartCal StarterPac; 12 tests plus accessories 12 sachets of cSmartCal plus measurement protocols Each for $916.60
09-313-186 View Documents Mettler Toledo™
SmartCal 12 tests Each for $571.79


  • Highly sensitive, granular test substance
  • Reliably detects adverse influences from ambient conditions and inaccurate heating or weighing devices
  • Easy to use: pour reference substance into weighing pan, run as typical measurement, review results in 10 minutes
  • Check performance in the QC lab or directly on the factory floor
Test Temperatures
  • Usage range between 70° and 230°C
  • Control limits established for testing at 70°, 100°, 130° and 160°C


  • Available in sachets, 12 or 24 per package
  • Supplied with a production certificate issued by Mettler Toledo
  • Excellent for highly regulated industries
  • Superior specifications compared to standard SmartCal™
  • Tighter control of instruments
  • Available in sachets, 12 or 24 per package
  • Certified: Supplied by lot with Certificate of Analysis issued by the independent German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin (BAM, www.bam.de)
  • Recommended for initial SmartCal usage
  • Includes 12 test sachets with all accessories for testing

Order Info

Applicable for testing Mettler Toledo Halogen Moisture Analyzers. Personalized, risk-based testing frequency recommendation is available at www.mt.com/smartcal-frequency-recommendation.