Up to 35% Off Western Blotting Products

Up to 35% Off Western Blotting Products Up to 35% Off Western Blotting Products

Save up to 35% on Western blotting products when you order using the promotional catalog numbers below.

Qualifying Products

Western Blotting Products

Save time and money by choosing the best package that fits your needs. 

  • SNAP i.d.™ Protein Detection System for rapid immunodetection in minutes
  • Immobilon™-P Membranes deliver you high protein binding capacity with strong signals on your Western blots
  • Bløk™ Noise Cancelling Reagents decrease background noise so you can detect even weak bands
  • Luminata™ Western HRP Substrates provide a wide dynamic range of chemiluminescence-based detection
  • ReBlot™ Plus rapidly strips antibodies from membrane blots without β-mercaptoethanol

SNAP i.d. Starter, SNAP i.d. Basic, Western Blotting, Fluorescent Blotting and Luminata Packages


Offer valid through December 31, 2017.

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