Save Up to 23% on an E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis Kit

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For a limited time, get up to 23% off the all-in-one Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ Power Snap Electrophoresis Kit. These kits include the products you need to start performing DNA electrophoresis using E-Gel precast agarose gels — in a small, lightweight benchtop system.

Each starter kit includes an Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis Device or System, E-Gel Agarose Precast Gels, E-Gel DNA Ladder, Safe Imager™ Viewing Glasses, E-Gel Sample Loading Buffer and a gel knife (select kits only). Use these kits to perform DNA separation in as little as 10 minutes using E-Gel agarose gel technology.

Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System Video

Perform fully integrated DNA electrophoresis and image capture with the new Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System.


Need to restock your E-Gel Electrophoresis System? Order the consumables below to get the most out of your kit for years to come.


Offer valid from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

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