Dissection Equipment

Economy Scissors

Every student can have a pair.

Dissecting Needles, Probes, and Malls

Help students master dissecting techniques — choose the right needle and probe for the job.

Straight Operating Scissors

Three sizes to choose from.

Large Dissection Tray with Pad

Unbreakable, lightweight trays with pads clean up easily.

DR Instruments Economy Teasing Needles with Wooden Handles

Available with straight or bent tips.

Large Animal Dissecting Set

The perfect dissecting set to train future surgeons.

Dogfish Shark Tray

Size accommodates larger specimens.

Large Animal Tray Cover

Stores and preserves specimens while offering full view.

Insect Pins with Yellow Epoxy Head

Coated with a black corrosion-resistant finish.

American Educational Products Economy Dissection Kit

Economical dissection kit for beginners.

DR Instruments Insect Pinning Forceps

Stainless-steel construction.

Dissection Pans and Pads

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

Iris Scissors

Fine scissors for fine incisions.

Flex-Pad Bulk Sheets

Fast, easy cleanup.

Teacher's Shears

Multi-purpose and very sharp.

Paoli Clay Company Dissection Pans and Pads FSE

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Dissecting Pan

Major tool in dissection is available with or without black dissecting wax.

DR Instruments Classroom Dissection Set

An ideal, cost-saving classroom dissection set for 20 or 40 students.

DR Instruments General Biology Dissecting Kit

For basic general biology dissection.

Paoli Clay Dissecting Pan

Aluminium deluxe dissecting pan.

Stainless-Steel Scissors, Pointed

Won't rust or corrode with repeated use.

United Scientific Supplies T-Pins

'T' head provides firm grip, making them easier to insert and extract during dissection.

Tongue Depressors

Standard-size tongue blade.

DR Instruments Botany Dissecting Kit

An excellent choice for field work and lab use.

Section Lifter

Separate tissue without tearing.

EISCO T-Pins for Dissecting

Sold in boxes of 100.

DR Instruments Biology Dissecting Kit

Avaliable in single fold vinyl case.

Straight Dissecting Scissors

Excellent for dissecting work.