Stereo Microscopes

Fisherbrand™ Digital Stereo Microscope

High resolution 3.0MP digital camera, built into microscope

Celestron™ S10-60 Stereo Microscope

Professional-level stereo microscope up to 60x power.

Laxco™ LMS-Z300 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope System

The LMS-Z300 is designed for research applications requiring higher magnification and resolution. It features and advanced optical design and 10:1 zoom ratio advanced applications.

Laxco™ LMS-Z200 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope System

The LMS-Z200 series is ideal for routine laboratory applications. The combination of high quality optics, 6.4:1 zoom ratio, and advanced base/illumination options allow for complete flexibility of configuration.

Laxco™ LMS-Z200Pro Series Stereo Zoom Microscope System

The LMS-Z200Pro series features a 6.7:1 zoom ratio and research grade optics to provide a flat field of view, excellent depth of field and high resolution. The newly designed optical path with integrated click-stops delivers the precision required for life science research applications.

Fisher Science Education™ 420 Series Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope

For viewing large images at 10X magnification, Fisherbrand™ 420 Series Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope zoomis continuously to close-up detail at 40X magnification.

Fisherbrand™ 460 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope

Microscope permits users to view objects at 10X magnification, then zoom to 30X for close-up view

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced StereoZoom Microscope

An exceptional stereozoom microscope at an exceptionally low price.

Laxco™ LMS-Z400 Series Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope System

The LMS-Z400 is the ideal scope for demanding life science research and laboratory applications. High-end features including high N.A. Plan Apochromatic optics, a 12.5:1 zoom ratio, and ergonomic tilting trinocular head all combine to offer both high resolution images and comfort.

Labomed™ Luxeo 4D Stereomicroscope with Integrated Camera

Ideal for dissection as well as routine inspection microscopy.

Fisherbrand™ 425 Series Zoom Stereoscopic Microscopes

Microscope for viewing large picture at 7.5X magnification, then zooming continuously to close-up detail at 50X magnification in standard configuration

Laxco™ T40 Series Dual Track LED Stereo Zoom Microscope

Integrated cluster of 24 LEDs (720cd total) provide super bright white cooled illumination. Laxco™ T40 Series Dual Track LED Stereo Zoom Microscope can accommodate samples of all shapes and sizes easily and comfortably due to continuous vertical gear track.

Swift™ Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope

The Swift™ Optical Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope offers convenience and versatility of viewing items at 10X magnification then zoom continuously to maximum detail at 40X magnification.  It is ideal for educational, laboratory, research and industrial use.

Fisher Science Education™ Primary Stereomicroscopes

Popular stereomicroscopes for education and industry.

Laxco™ D10 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope

Designed for wide range of applications. Laxco™ D10 Series Stereo Microscope has broad-range maginification head and its parfocal zoom control delivers crisp, clear images throughout zoom magnification range.

Fisherbrand™ 420 Series Zoom Stereoscopic Microscopes

For viewing large images at 10X magnification and then zooming continuously to close-up detail at 40X magnification

Laxco™ LMS-Z100 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope System

Designed for the academic market, the LMS-Z100 series features a 4.4:1 zoom (8x-35x) and multiple base/illumination options for most applications. The small footprint, features, and economical price makes this a great fit for the classroom.

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced+ Stereomicroscopes

Stereomicroscopes that are ideal for college instruction.

Laxco™ MZS1 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope

Most common instrument found in a laboratory. Laxco™ MZS1 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope combine stereoscopic zoom optical system with research grade optics.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate+ Stereomicroscopes

Stereomicroscopes offer all the quality, features and versatility of larger stereomicroscopes in a compact size.

Swift™ Stereo Trinocular Zoom Microscope

Swift™ Optical SM105T-C Stereo Trinocular Zoom Microscope is a new addition to popular SM100 Stereo Series Microscopes, that features 10 to 30X zoom magnification (1x to 3x objectives).

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced Stereomicroscopes

A real workhorse for high school and college education, as well as industry.

Celestron™ S20 Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscope with 20x power for viewing details on 3D objects.

Laxco™ MZS33 Series Stereo Microscope

Laxco™ MZ33 Series combines advanced contrast methods and simple LED fluorescence, and one of the common instrument found in laboratory.

Laxco™ MS Series Fixed Magnification Stereo Microscope System

Utilizes fixed dual magnification optical system. Laxco™ MS Series Fixed Magnification Stereo Microscope System are research-grade instrument with wide choice of zoom magnification ranges and most commonly found in general laboratory.

Laxco™ MZS4 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope

Laxco™ MZS4 Series revitalized old concept in stereo microscopy by incorporating high power LED to illuminate tilt able mirror. This creates a simple contrast method to see transparent specimens.

Laxco™ BM300 Series Boom Arm Stereo Zoom Microscope

Laxco™ BM300 Series Boom Arm Stereo Zoom Microscope has rugged industrial design that makes it perfect for harshest environment.

Fisherbrand™ 450 Series Dual Magnification Stereoscopic Microscopes

Dual magnification microscopes for viewing three-dimensional objects and inspection

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced Digital Stereomicroscopes

Extra-rugged stereomicroscopes have a built-in high-resolution digital camera.