Protein Assays and Amino Acid Analysis

GE Healthcare Amersham™ ECL Advance™ Blocking Reagent

Use for Controlling background noise.  GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ ECL Advance™ is Blocking Reagent controls background noise while retaining a high level of signal intensity.

Promega™ BCIP/NBT Color Development Substrate DFS Item

For the colorimetric detection of alkaline phosphatase activity

GE Healthcare 2-D Quant Kit

Use for accurate determination of protein concentration in samples prepared for electrophoresis techniques. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ 2-D Quant Kit  precipitates proteins while leaving interfering substances behind.

Promega™ FluoroTect™ GreenLys In Vitro Translation Labeling System DFS Item

Allows for the fluorescent labeling and detection of proteins synthesized in vitro

Promega™ Protease-Glo™ Assay DFS Item

A highly sensitive, quick, and easy method to detect and measure the activities of proteases with or without P' requirements via luminescence

Invitrogen™ Development Folders DFS Item

For use during imaging of blotting membranes following chemiluminescent signal development (western blotting, nucleic acid blotting).

Abnova™ Arginase Assay Kit

Arginase Assay Kit is a quantitative colorimetric arginase determination.

Invitrogen™ Z'-LYTE™ Kinase Assay Kit - Ser/Thr 22 Peptide DFS Item

Z'-LYTE™ Kinase Assay Kit - Ser/Thr 22 Peptide

EMD Millipore™ Calbiochem™ NG-Hydroxy-L-arginine, Monoacetate Salt

Serves as key intermediate in biosynsis of nitric oxide by constitutive nitric oxide synthase.

Promega™ ProFluor™ Src-Family Kinase Assay Systems DFS Item

Measures the activity of purified Src-family tyrosine kinases (Src, Lck, Lyn, Fyn, and Hck tested) in a multiwell plate format and involves “add-mix-read” steps only

Promega™ ProFluor™ PKA Assay DFS Item

Simple add–mix–read format for higher throughput

Invitrogen™ I-Block™ Protein-Based Blocking Reagent DFS Item

Highly purified Casein-based blocking reagent. Thermo Scientific I-Block Protein-Based Blocking Reagent provides superior blocking compared to both dried milk and BSA.

EMD Millipore™ Calbiochem™ Nω-Hydroxy-nor-L-arginine, Diacetate Salt

Serves as potent, selective, competitive, high affinity inhibitor of arginase.

Promega™ ProFluor™ Tyrosine Phosphatase Assay Systems DFS Item

Measures purified tyrosine phosphatase enzyme activity in a multiwell plate format and involves “add-mix-read” steps only

Promega™ MAO-Glo™ Monoamine Oxidase Assay System DFS Item

Provides a homogeneous luminescent method for measuring MAO activity from recombinant and native sources

Promega™ Nonradioactive Phosphatase Assay Systems DFS Item

Fast, flexible alternative for measuring protein phosphatase activity

Promega™ PepTag™ Nonradioactive Protein Kinase Assays DFS Item

Rapid, sensitive screening of column fractions or for kinase activators and inhibitors

Promega™ MagneGST™ Pull-Down System DFS Item

For GST pull-down assays for the analysis of protein:protein interactions

Promega™ cAMP, 1mM DFS Item

cAMP (adenosine-3',5'-cyclic monophosphate) is an activator of cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase, Catalytic Subunit

Promega™ MEK Inhibitor U0126 DFS Item

Chemically synthesized organic compound that inhibits activation of MAPK (ERK 1/2)

Promega™ Canine Pancreatic Microsomal Membranes DFS Item

Ideal for the examination of signal peptide cleavage, membrane insertion, translocation, and core glycosylation

Promega™ CheckMate™ Mammalian Two-Hybrid System DFS Item

A powerful method for detecting protein:protein interactions in vivo

Promega™ SignaTECT™ Protein Kinase Assay Systems DFS Item

Contain proprietary SAM2 Biotin Capture Membrane for higher binding capacity and specificity

Promega™ cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Peptide Inhibitor DFS Item

Inhibits phosphorylation of target proteins by binding to the protein-substrate site of the catalytic subunit of PKA

Invitrogen™ Vivid™ CYP2B6 Blue Screening Kit DFS Item

Vivid™ CYP2B6 Blue Screening Kit

Invitrogen™ Control BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagent DFS Item

Control BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagent

Invitrogen™ Vivid™ CYP2E1 Blue Screening Kit DFS Item

Vivid™ CYP2E1 Blue Screening Kit

Thermo Scientific™ cAMP-Screen Direct™ Cyclic AMP Immunoassay System, 96-well DFS Item

Ultrasensitive determination of cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels in cell lysates with a simplified protocol. Thermo Scientific cAMP-Screen Direct 96-well Cyclic AMP Immunoassay System is a competitive chemiluminescent immunoassay formatted with maximum flexibilit