Biochemicals and Reagents

Water, for molecular biology, DNAse, RNAse and Protease free, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Water Name Note: DNase, RNase, Protease free CAS: 7732-18-5 Purity Grade: For molecular biology Molecular Formula: H2O Linear Formula: H2O Formula Weight: 18.02 MDL Number: MFCD00011332

EMD Millipore Novagen™ T7 .Tag™ Antibody Agarose

Designed for rapid immunoaffinity purification of target proteins that carry T7 Tag sequence.

EMD Millipore Novagen™ Bovine Genomic DNA

Purified preparations of high molecular weight genomic DNA from a variety of organisms.

EMD Millipore™ Calbiochem™ Inosine

Acts as potent coronary vasodilator

EMD Millipore Novagen™ NoShift™ Transcription Factor Assay Kit

Detects DNA binding protein in microassay plate based method.

EMD Millipore Novagen™ Perfect DNA™ 50 bp Ladder

Contains sets of DNA for agarose gel analysis.

EMD Millipore™ Novagen™ Mouse Genomic DNA

For genomic analysis, including PCR and library construction. It is free of contaminating RNA and protein.