Glasses, Goggles and Face Masks

Thermometer Magnifier

Ideal for any application where fine divisions are read and accuracy counts.

Economy Ultraviolet Goggle Sanitizer Replacement Bulb

Replacement bulb for Economy Ultraviolet Goggle Sanitizers

Dual Hand Lens


LumiDome™ Magnifiers

Great for viewing fingerprints, coins, stamps, photography and miniatures.

Dissection Faceshield

Protects face from bodily fluids and infectious disease during emergency use

Reading Glass Magnifiers

Three sizes for quick, convenient magnification.

Dual Lens Magnifiers

Ten versatile plastic magnifiers.

SureGrip™ Magnifier

Soft-grip rubber handles.

Visorgogs™ Goggles

Designed to protect eyes from flying particles or liquids.

Hand-Held Series Magnifiers

Compact and easy to use.

ColorFlex™ Goggles

Colorful, sparkling goggles are fun and chemical-splash resistant.

Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass

Slips in a shirt or jacket pocket — always ready when you need it.

LumiLoupe™ Magnifiers

For insects, plants, maps and graphics.

Contoured Chemical Goggles

Superior design offers improved optics, comfort, affordability and convenience.

Clear Plastic Magnifier

Features dual lenses of 3X and 6X magnification.

Uvex™ Futura™ Goggles

180° panoramic view for better peripheral vision

MagniGrip™ 4X Tweezers

Perfect for all those “little” jobs when you need an extra hand!

3M™ Centurion™ Safety Goggles

Visibility and versatility

RimFree™ Lighted Magnifier

Lighted 2X magnifier with bright LED lighting.

BigEye™ Magnifier

Biggest hand-held magnifier available.

LinenTest™ Magnifiers

Portable and lightweight.

Fisherbrand™ Economy Impact Goggles

Affordable impact goggles.

V-Maxx™ Chemical Splash and Impact Goggles

Comfortable fit ensures protection — even for contact wearers.

Hastings-Type Wide-Angle Corrected Lens Magnifiers

Amplify details with these lenses

Carson Optical Stuff-It™ Lens Cleaning Cloth

The lens cleaning system has a super-soft microfiber lens cloth housed inside a protective pouch.