Fingerprint Identification Poster

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.

American Educational Products Solar Furnace

A working model of an industrial solar furnace.

American Educational Products Sunspot Solar Oven

Harnesses the sun's heat for practical purposes.

Body Scientific International™ Post-it™ Anatomy of Human Vertebrae Chart

A perfect teaching and learning aid with illistration to convey all the primary points on Human vertebrae.

Science Set

Ideal for basic biology or science classes.

Blood Cell Chart

Photographs of the cellular components of blood.

GSC International Glass Lenses

Unmounted with ground-glass edges.

NewPath Learning™ Curriculum Mastery™ Games

Comprehensive coverage of the current National Science Education Standards.

Learning to Use the Microscope

Perfect for beginning students.

Image Atlas of Human Anatomy CD-ROM

3100 Anatomical features identified in this exclusive electronic library of full-color images.

NewPath Learning™ Cells Poster

Detailed illustrations and photographs provide close-up view of cells.

EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Refraction Prism

Experiment with diffraction, spectrum formation, and more! The EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Refraction Prism is ideal for studying refraction and light in classrooms where glass may be an issue.

EISCO Advanced Pulley Demonstration Set

Many possible configurations allow you to demonstrate a variety of concepts.

Giant Hands-On Heart

Nearly triple the size of a child's heart.

American Educational Products Molded Prism

Create a rainbow anywhere!

Living Sands Poster

Explore forams—protists whose empty shells are found in great numbers all over the world.

3B Scientific™ Kidney, Nephron, and Glomerulus Master Series™

Three durable, plastic models mounted on a base allow study of the kidney, nephron and glomerulus.

American Educational Products Precision Lenses

Lenses with precision-ground edges for optics experiments.

General Science Slides, Part I

Fascinating collection of slides provides hours of classroom learning.

Solar System in My Room™

Look at the ceiling and see the planets orbit the sun.

EISCO Human Eye, 5X Enlarged, 6 part, Dissectable

The 6-part human eye model (magnified 5x) is a very highly detailed demonstration of the human eye.