Consumables and Supplies for Education

Fisherbrand™ Labeled Wash Bottles

Polyethylene bottles with polypropylene closures to ensure leakproof dispensing.

Fisher Science Education™ Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor

Shows the exact air conditions in labs, hoods, cleanrooms, coolers, stockrooms, incubators, environmental chambers and chemical storage areas. Fisher Science Education Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor is ideal for routine measurements, round-the-clock monitoring, all quality-control needs and critical experimental requirements.

Fisher Scientific™ Visual Alarm Timers

Easy-to-use timers. Fisher Scientific Visual Alarm Timers come with either an audible alarm or bright flashing LED visual alarm.

Fisher Scientific™ 300 Memory Water-Resistant Stopwatch

Memory storage for 300 lap times. Fisher Scientific 300 Memory Water-Resistant Stopwatch has an O-ring-sealed and shock-resistant ABS plastic case with nonslip rubber sides.

Fisherbrand™ Square Specimen Bottles

Perfect for storing and transporting specimens.

Fisher Scientific™ Min./Max. Thermometer

A safe alternative to glass thermometers.

Fisher Scientific™ Simultaneous Start Timer

Operates on all channels simultaneously. Fisher Scientific Simultaneous Start Timer has four countdown channels, a stopwatch channel and a time-of-day channel.

Fisher Scientific™ Continuous Alarm Timer

Alarm continues until shut off by user.

PYREX™ Test Tubes

Beaded rim for durability.

Pumping Heart Model

Create a memorable exploration of how the heart and lungs work together for oxygen exchange.

Fisher Science Education™ Fixed Minipipets

Easy to use, with precise operation and ergonomic design.

Regular Black Magnetic Latent Print Powder

Uniform textured powder perfect for fingerprinting applications.

EISCO Plastic Dynamic Cart Set

Excellent upgrade from the traditional wooden or metallic carts.

Glass Bell Jars

Jars are safe at high pressure.

Polypropylene Disposable Beakers

Disposable or steam-autoclavable for reuse.

Kemtec™ Chemical Equilibrium

Examine quantitative and qualitative aspects of equilibrium through experimentation on microscale.

Lynn Peavey All-Purpose Brush

Works well with latent print powders.

Gilson™ EXPERT™ Universal Tipack™ Racked Pipette Tips

One tip, any pipetter: Space saving tip packaging to allow for more room for your research

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Fixed Pipets

New, lightweight fixed volume pipet with low forces and high reproducibility

Fisherbrand™ Crucibles

Easy to clean smooth, glazed surface.

Edvotek™ Pipet Stand

Pipet stand for new Edvotek pipets

LaMotte™ Nitty-Gritty Soil Test Kit

Investigate the basics of soil science and healthy plant requirements for proper soil texture, ideal levels of soil pH and nutrients.