Electrical Equipment and Supplies

AC Voltage Detector Probe

Excellent for voltage tracing circuits.


Make working electrical circuits instantly.

Snap Circuits Sets

Create exciting experiments.

American Educational Products Knife Switches

These knife switches are great for classroom and laboratory experiments.

Intermediate Snap Circuits Kit

Puts the excitement into electricity and electronics.

American Educational Products Battery Holders

Suitable for holding batteries of various sizes.

Annunciator Wire

Plastic-covered wire used for signaling.

Advanced Snap Circuits Kit

Advanced topics challenge knowledge and creativity.

EISCO 6 Decade Resistance Box

Provides 6 decades of ranges.

American Educational Products Spring Binding Knife Switches

Durable components for classroom use.

Resistance Spools, Uncalibrated

Verifying the laws of resistance.

Stackable Battery Holder

Extend capacity or voltage.

Slide Wire Rheostat

Hollow center dissipates heat!

GSC International DC Ammeters

For numerous electrical experiments.

Bare Nichrome Wire

125g per reel.

3B Scientific™ Low Volt Patch Cords

For low voltage electrical circuits.

Enameled Magnet Wire

Use to construct electrical studies.

GSC AC-DC Ammeters

For numerous electrical experiments.

EISCO Basic Circuits Kit

An inventive way to teach series-parallel circuits.

Electronics Components Project Kit

Learn all about electronics components such as resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers, semiconductors, and much more

3B Scientific™ Coil with Five Turns

Secondary coil for creating high currents for spot welding.

1 Farad Capacitor

Explore how energy conservation works at the classroom level.

Alligator Test Lead Set

Alligator Test Lead Set

Resistance Spools, Mounted

Measure unknown resistance of differing conductive materials.