Electrical Equipment and Supplies

Bare Copper Wire

For general lab use and low voltage hook-ups.

Enameled Magnet Wire

Use to construct electrical studies.

Advanced Snap Circuits Kit

Advanced topics challenge knowledge and creativity.

American Educational Products Banana Cords

Both stacking and cross patch.

Electronics Components Project Kit

Learn all about electronics components such as resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers, semiconductors, and much more

Resistance Spools, Mounted

Measure unknown resistance of differing conductive materials.

American Educational Products Battery Holders

Suitable for holding batteries of various sizes.

Slide Wire Rheostat

Hollow center dissipates heat!

EISCO Basic Circuits Kit

An inventive way to teach series-parallel circuits.

Intermediate Snap Circuits Kit

Puts the excitement into electricity and electronics.

Alligator Test Lead Set

Alligator Test Lead Set

Multicore Solder

Solder by the spool.

American Educational Products Spring Binding Knife Switches

Durable components for classroom use.

Resistance Spools, Uncalibrated

Verifying the laws of resistance.

Stackable Battery Holder

Extend capacity or voltage.


Make working electrical circuits instantly.

EISCO Variable Battery Power Supply

The EISCO Variable Battery Power Supply is a great tool for studying electricity.

American Educational Products Knife Switches

These knife switches are great for classroom and laboratory experiments.

Wire Stripper

Quickly removes insulation without damaging wire.

American Educational Products Circuits Experiment Kit

Create circuits, predict results, and test predictions.

Annunciator Wire

Plastic-covered wire used for signaling.

GSC International DC Ammeters

For numerous electrical experiments.

American Educational Products Investigating Electricity Kit

Explore parallel circuits, series circuits, resistance, and fuses.