Gases and Gas Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Gas Cylinder Support

Keeps cylinders upright and safe

Fisherbrand™ Multistage Gas Cylinder Regulators

For Noncorrosive General Purpose Gases. Diaphragm-Sensed Dual-Stage Regulators designed for consistent outlet pressure delivery.

Restek™ Wall-Mount Cylinder Holder DFS Item

Prevent free-standing gas cylinders from tipping over and injuring personnel

Fisherbrand™ Heavy-Duty Single-Stage Gas Cylinder Regulators

For noncorrosive general purpose gases. Diaphragm-Sensed Single-Stage Regulators are ideal for applications with intermittent short intervals of use.

Fisherbrand™ Single-Stage Lecture Bottle Gas Regulators

Lightweight, compact, single-stage, lecture bottle regulators for noncorrosive gases

Parker domnick hunter™ LC/MS Nitrogen Gas Generators

Specifically designed to meet the gas flow, purity, and pressure requirements of modern LC/MS instruments

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Gas Cylinder Wall Bracket

With recessed screw holes on bracket sides that facilitate easy wall mounting

Fisherbrand™ Zero Air Generators

Zero air gas generators provide a convenient and safe alternative to cylinder gas for gas chromatography combustion applications. These systems remove organic impurities from existing compressed air sources allowing the user to eliminate expensive bottled zero grade air from their lab.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ AIRLESS-WARE™ Pressure Release Valve

Designed for applications that require evacuated apparatus to be filled with an inert gas to one atmosphere. Fits 3/8 in. tubing.

Dräger™ Standard Regulator

For use with Draeger X-am 3000, X-am 7000, Pac Ex 2, Pac III, MiniWarn, Multiwarn II, MicroPac

GSC Go Science Crazy Gas Generating Bottles

Useful in generating and collection of gases such as hydrogen.

Parker domnick hunter™ Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Generators for GC and GC/MS

Ultra-high purity, low maintenance generators supply hydrogen for GC and GC/MS carrier gas applications, plus all commonly used combustion detectors used routinely in GC

Parker Balston Nitrogen Generators: HPN2 Series from Restek DFS Item

Safe, reliable, and requires low maintenance

Fisherbrand™ High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generators For GC Fuel Gas Accessory, Desiccant Cartridge

For use with High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generators for GC Fuel Gas.

Restek™ 1/8 to 1/4 in. Tube-end Union DFS Item

To adapt 1/8 in. Super Clean base plate fittings to 1/4 in. tubing.

Restek™ Chrome-Plated Brass Gas Regulator DFS Item

For use with noncorrosive, high-purity or liquified gases

American Educational Products Air Mass Generator Kit

Students investigates the formation of air mass and relates temperature to different types of air masses.

Restek™ Ultra-High-Purity Stainless-Steel Body Regulators DFS Item

For noncorrosive, high purity or liquified gases

GENTEC™ Gentec™ R31SL Series High Purity Low Flow Regulator

Designed for applications where consistent outlet pressure and flow are desired

Fisherbrand™ High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generators For GC Fuel Gas

High purity range of hydrogen gas generators offer convenient and safe alternatives to cylinder gas for gas chromatography.

Parker Balston Nitrogen Generators: UHPN2 Series from Restek DFS Item

Safe, reliable, and requires low maintenance

GENTEC™ Gentec™ 210 Series Semi-Automatic Switchover Manifolds

Designed for a continuous supply of High Purity gases

Dräger™ Reactive Gas Regulators

Compatible with Pac 7000 Single Gas Monitors

Restek™ Parker Balston™ Zero Air Generators: Replacement Catalyst Towers DFS Item

Replacement Catalyst Towers for Parker Balston Zero Air generators.

Parker domnick hunter™ Hydrogen Generators

Research-grade hydrogen gas on demand

MSA™ Calibration Gas Cylinders

Each lightweight calibration gas cylinder is supplied with an individual certificate of analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

VICI™ Restek™ Gas-Specific Purifiers DFS Item

Ideal for removing moisture, hydrocarbons and oxygen from gas chromatography gas supplies