Chairs and Stools

Discoveries start by taking a seat. Your chair, chosen wisely, can be a great productivity tool. When your body is properly aligned and supported while you work, you’re able to focus better on the job and remain at peak performance for longer periods of time. From laboratory pneumatic chairs and stools to clean room and ESD chairs, Fisher Scientific offers a range of furniture from leading suppliers. Find your perfect seat with our Choosing the Right Chair brochure.

Featured Products

shielding-from-contaminates shielding-from-contaminates

Shielding Your Work from Contaminants

Fisher Scientific™ Class 100 Self-Skinning Polyurethane Chairs
Ideal for clean room environments, Fisher Scientific Class 100 Self-Skinning Polyurethane Chairs are resistant to soil, chemicals and punctures.

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full-tilt-on-comfort full-tilt-on-comfort

Go Full Tilt on Comfort

Fisher Scientific™ Computer Task Chairs
Fisher Scientific Computer Task Chairs offer controls for seat tilt, height and backrest angle from a seated position as well as molded polyurethane foam cushions.

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ergonomics-at-the-bench ergonomics-at-the-bench

Ergonomics at the Bench

Fisher Scientific™ Upholstered Pneumatic Laboratory Chairs
With built-in lumbar support, Fisher Scientific Upholstered Pneumatic Laboratory Chairs are biomechanically engineered to be ergonomic.

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