Balance Accessories

Security Device for Pioneer and Explorer Series Balances

For use with Pioneer and Explorer series balances.

OHAUS™ Vinyl Dust Covers for Triple Beam Balances

For use with triple beam balances.

Specific Gravity Rod and Clamp Assembly

For use with Triple Beam Mechanical balances.

Heavy-Duty Batteries

For low-drain devices or devices that are used infrequently.

Alkaline Button Cell Batteries

Batteries offer long shelf life.

Alkaline Batteries

For peak performance in high-tech electronic devices and high-use devices

Science First™ Battery Kit

Build a variable DC power supply.

OHAUS™ 1050mL Bowl For CS Series Compact Scales

For use with CS Series Compact Scales.

OHAUS™ RS232 and USB Interface Kits

For use with Ohaus Explorer and Navigator XL balances.

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Batteries

Replacement parts for Traceable Digital Timer Plus and Traceable Digital Dial Thermometer, °F/°C

Mettler Toledo™ Terminal Cover For XS/XA Series Analytical Balance

Terminal Cover For XS/XA Series Analytical Balances.

Mettler Toledo™ ErgoClips™ Weighing Kit

For use with XP, XS, XA analytical and XP, XS micro balance.

Mettler Toledo™ ErgoClips™ Round Bottom Flask Holder

For use with round bottom flasks, beakers of XP, XS, XA analytical and XP, XS micro balance.