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High-Purity Solvents

Get the performance and accuracy you need with solvents that minimize the risk of contaminants and maximize instrument sensitivity and detection power.

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High-Purity Acids

Whether used for trace-metal analysis or for general use, the J.T.Baker line of high-purity acids promises the consistency you need for reliable results, every time.

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Meet the most demanding research and analytical testing applications, such as proteomics, drug discovery and more, with J.T.Baker ULTRA LC/MS Solvents.

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Antifoam B™ Silicone Emulsion, BAKER™, J.T.Baker™

A grade of chemicals for laboratory use

Sodium Chloride, 0.1N, 1/10 equiv. = 5.844g NaCl, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7647-14-5 Molecular Formula: ClNa Molecular Weight (g/mol): 58.44 InChI Key: FAPWRFPIFSIZLT-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: sodium chloride, salt, table salt, halite, saline, rock salt, common salt, sodium chloride nacl, dendritis, purex PubChem CID: 5234 ChEBI: CHEBI:26710 IUPAC Name: sodium;chloride SMILES: [Na+].[Cl-]

EDTA, Disodium Salt, Dihydrate, 0.1M Volumetric Solution, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 6381-92-6 Molecular Formula: C10H18N2Na2O10 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 372.238 InChI Key: OVBJJZOQPCKUOR-UHFFFAOYSA-L PubChem CID: 44120005 IUPAC Name: disodium;2-[2-[bis(carboxymethyl)amino]ethyl-(carboxylatomethyl)amino]acetate;dihydrate SMILES: C(CN(CC(=O)[O-])CC(=O)[O-])N(CC(=O)O)CC(=O)O.O.O.[Na+].[Na+]

Charcoal, Activated, Powder, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7440-44-0 Molecular Formula: C Molecular Weight (g/mol): 12.011 InChI Key: OKTJSMMVPCPJKN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: graphite, activated charcoal, norit, mineral, carbon-12, carbono, graphene, acticarbone, anthrasorb, carbosieve PubChem CID: 5462310 ChEBI: CHEBI:27594 IUPAC Name: carbon SMILES: [C]

Water, HPLC, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7732-18-5 Molecular Formula: H2O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 18.015 InChI Key: XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: dihydrogen oxide, dihydrogen monoxide PubChem CID: 962 ChEBI: CHEBI:15377 IUPAC Name: oxidane SMILES: O

Magnesium Sulfate, Anhydrous, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7487-88-9 Molecular Formula: MgO4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 120.361 InChI Key: CSNNHWWHGAXBCP-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: magnesium sulfate, magnesium sulphate, magnesium sulfate anhydrous, sulfuric acid magnesium salt 1:1, bitter salt, sal angalis, magnesium sulfate 1:1, mgso4, sal de sedlitz, tomix ot PubChem CID: 24083 ChEBI: CHEBI:32599 IUPAC Name: magnesium;sulfate SMILES: [O-]S(=O)(=O)[O-].[Mg+2]

Ammonium Acetate, HPLC Grade, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 631-61-8 Molecular Formula: C2H7NO2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 77.083 InChI Key: USFZMSVCRYTOJT-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: ammonium acetate, acetic acid, ammonium salt, azanium acetate, ammoniumacetate, acetic acid ammonium salt, ammonium ethanoate, unii-rre756s6q2, aconh4, ch3coonh4, ch3co2nh4 PubChem CID: 517165 ChEBI: CHEBI:62947 IUPAC Name: azanium;acetate SMILES: CC(=O)[O-].[NH4+]

Starch, Soluble Potato, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 9005-84-9 Molecular Formula: C12H22O11 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 342.297 InChI Key: GUBGYTABKSRVRQ-ASMJPISFSA-N Synonym: alpha-maltose, maltose, starch, soluble, glcalpha1-4glca, unii-15sug9ad26, glcalpha1-4glcalpha, amylodextrin, starch solution, alpha-malt sugar, 4-o-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-alpha-d-glucopyranose PubChem CID: 439341 ChEBI: CHEBI:18167 IUPAC Name: (2R,3S,4S,5R,6R)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-[(2R,3S,4R,5R,6S)-4,5,6-trihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)oxan-3-yl]oxyoxane-3,4,5-triol SMILES: C(C1C(C(C(C(O1)OC2C(OC(C(C2O)O)O)CO)O)O)O)O

Albumin, Egg, Powder, Purified, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 9006-50-2 Molecular Formula: C6H8N2O4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 172.14 InChI Key: QCVGEOXPDFCNHA-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: tridodeoylamine PubChem CID: 25022239 IUPAC Name: 5,5-dimethyl-2,4-dioxo-1,3-oxazolidine-3-carboxamide SMILES: CC1(C(=O)N(C(=O)O1)C(=O)N)C

Sand, Washed and Ignited, Purified, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 14808-60-7 Molecular Formula: O2Si Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.083 InChI Key: VYPSYNLAJGMNEJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: silica, silicon dioxide, quartz, cristobalite, diatomaceous earth, tridymite, silicic anhydride, aerosil, infusorial earth, silica, amorphous PubChem CID: 24261 ChEBI: CHEBI:30563 IUPAC Name: dioxosilane SMILES: O=[Si]=O

Tannic Acid, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1401-55-4 Molecular Formula: C76H52O46 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 1701.206 InChI Key: LRBQNJMCXXYXIU-JPZKJCTESA-N Synonym: tannins, gallotannic acid, quebracho extract, acide tannique, d'acide tannique, tannic acid usp:jan, unii-28f9e0djy6 PubChem CID: 134129492 SMILES: C1=C(C=C(C(=C1O)O)O)C(=O)OC2=CC(=CC(=C2O)O)C(=O)OCC3C(C(C(C(O3)OC(=O)C4=CC(=C(C(=C4)OC(=O)C5=CC(=C(C(=C5)O)O)O)O)O)OC(=O)C6=CC(=C(C(=C6)OC(=O)C7=CC(=C(C(=C7)O)O)O)O)O)OC(=O)C8=CC(=C(C(=C8)OC(=O)C9=CC(=C(C(=C9)O)O)O)O)O)OC(=O)C1=CC(=C(C(=C1)OC(=O)C1=CC(=C(

EDTA, Disodium Salt, DILUT-IT™ Analytical Concentrate, 0.1M, 1/10 mole = 33.62g C10H14N2Na2O8, J.T.Baker™

Chemical Name or Material: EDTA, Disodium Salt, DILUT-IT™ Analytical Concentrate Name Note: 0.1M, 1/10 mole = 33.62g C10H14N2Na2O8

Carbon, Activated, NORIT™ SX 2, formerly NORIT™ SG EXTRA, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7440-44-0 Molecular Formula: C Molecular Weight (g/mol): 12.011 InChI Key: OKTJSMMVPCPJKN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: graphite, activated charcoal, norit, mineral, carbon-12, carbono, graphene, acticarbone, anthrasorb, carbosieve PubChem CID: 5462310 ChEBI: CHEBI:27594 IUPAC Name: carbon SMILES: [C]

Potassium Chloride, Crystal, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7447-40-7 Molecular Formula: ClK Molecular Weight (g/mol): 74.548 InChI Key: WCUXLLCKKVVCTQ-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: potassium chloride, enseal, muriate of potash, klotrix, sylvite, slow-k, potassium chloride kcl, klor-con, chlorvescent, kalitabs PubChem CID: 4873 ChEBI: CHEBI:32588 IUPAC Name: potassium;chloride SMILES: [Cl-].[K+]

Glycine, Ultrapure Bioreagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 56-40-6 Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 75.067 InChI Key: DHMQDGOQFOQNFH-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: glycine, aminoacetic acid, glycocoll, aminoethanoic acid, glycolixir, glycosthene, aciport, glicoamin, padil, hampshire glycine PubChem CID: 750 ChEBI: CHEBI:15428 IUPAC Name: 2-aminoacetic acid SMILES: C(C(=O)O)N

Sodium Carbonate, 1N Volumetric Solution, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5968-11-6 Molecular Formula: CH2Na2O4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 124.00 InChI Key: MQRJBSHKWOFOGF-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: sodium carbonate monohydrate, disodium carbonate monohydrate, sodium carbonate, monohydrate, carbonic acid disodium salt, monohydrate, sodium carbonate hydrate, carbonic acid sodium salt monohydrate, disodium carbonate hydrate, disodium hydrate carbonate, na2co3 water, acmc-20ajop PubChem CID: 2735133 IUPAC Name: disodium;carbonate;hydrate SMILES: C(=O)([O-])[O-].O.[Na+].[Na+]

HEPES, Sodium Salt, Ultrapure Bioreagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 75277-39-3 Molecular Formula: C8H17N2NaO4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 260.284 InChI Key: RDZTWEVXRGYCFV-UHFFFAOYSA-M PubChem CID: 2724248 ChEBI: CHEBI:46758 IUPAC Name: sodium;2-[4-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperazin-1-yl]ethanesulfonate SMILES: C1CN(CCN1CCO)CCS(=O)(=O)[O-].[Na+]

Silica Gel Desiccant, Indicating, 6 to 18 Mesh, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1343-98-2 Molecular Formula: H4O4Si Molecular Weight (g/mol): 96.113 InChI Key: RMAQACBXLXPBSY-UHFFFAOYSA-N PubChem CID: 14942 ChEBI: CHEBI:26675 IUPAC Name: silicic acid SMILES: O[Si](O)(O)O

L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Multi-Compendial, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1119-34-2 Molecular Formula: C6H15ClN4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 210.662 InChI Key: KWTQSFXGGICVPE-WCCKRBBISA-N Synonym: l-arginine hydrochloride, arginine hydrochloride, l-arginine hcl, l-arginine monohydrochloride, h-arg-oh.hcl, r-gene, arginine monohydrochloride, argamine, l-arginine, monohydrochloride, unii-f7lth1e20y PubChem CID: 66250 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-amino-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)pentanoic acid;hydrochloride SMILES: C(CC(C(=O)O)N)CN=C(N)N.Cl

DL-Malic Acid, BAKER ANALYZED™ Biochemical Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 617-48-1 Molecular Formula: C4H6O5 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 134.087 InChI Key: BJEPYKJPYRNKOW-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: malic acid, dl-malic acid, 2-hydroxysuccinic acid, malate, hydroxysuccinic acid, butanedioic acid, hydroxy, kyselina jablecna, pomalus acid, hydroxybutanedioic acid, deoxytetraric acid PubChem CID: 525 ChEBI: CHEBI:6650 IUPAC Name: 2-hydroxybutanedioic acid SMILES: C(C(C(=O)O)O)C(=O)O

L-Histidine Monohydrochloride, Multi-Compendial, F.C.C., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5934-29-2 Molecular Formula: C6H12ClN3O3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 209.63 InChI Key: CMXXUDSWGMGYLZ-XRIGFGBMSA-N Synonym: l-histidine hydrochloride hydrate, l-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, s-2-amino-3-1h-imidazol-4-yl propanoic acid hydrochloride hydrate, h-his-oh.hcl.h2o, l-histidine monohydrochloride monohydrate, l-histidine, monohydrochloride, monohydrate, l-histidin hydrate hydrochloride, histidine, monohydrochloride, monohydrate, l, h-his-ohhclh2o, l-histidine, hydrochloride, monohydrate PubChem CID: 165377 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)propanoic acid;hydrate;hydrochloride SMILES: C1=C(NC=N1)CC(C(=O)O)N.O.Cl

DRIERITE™, Indicating, 8 Mesh, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7778-18-9 Molecular Formula: CaO4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 136.134 InChI Key: OSGAYBCDTDRGGQ-UHFFFAOYSA-L PubChem CID: 24497 ChEBI: CHEBI:31346 IUPAC Name: calcium;sulfate SMILES: [O-]S(=O)(=O)[O-].[Ca+2]

Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic, Crystal, Ultrapure Bioreagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7778-77-0 Molecular Formula: H2KO4P Molecular Weight (g/mol): 136.084 InChI Key: GNSKLFRGEWLPPA-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: potassium dihydrogen phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium phosphate, monobasic, potassium acid phosphate, phosphoric acid, monopotassium salt, monobasic potassium phosphate, monopotassium monophosphate, monopotassium dihydrogen phosphate, monopotassium orthophosphate PubChem CID: 516951 ChEBI: CHEBI:63036 IUPAC Name: potassium;dihydrogen phosphate SMILES: OP(=O)(O)[O-].[K+]

Avantor™ pH Measurement Baker™-pHIX Indicator Sticks

Contain larger scale and well-separated dyes for easy readability

Ammonium Bicarbonate, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1066-33-7 Molecular Formula: CH5NO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 79.055 InChI Key: ATRRKUHOCOJYRX-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium hydrogencarbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, carbonic acid, monoammonium salt, monoammonium carbonate, ammonium acid carbonate, ammonium hydrogencarbonat, ammoniumbicarbonate, acid ammonium carbonate, ccris 7327 PubChem CID: 14013 IUPAC Name: azanium;hydrogen carbonate SMILES: C(=O)(O)[O-].[NH4+]

Silica Gel, 80 to 200 Mesh, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 63231-67-4 Molecular Formula: H2O3Si Molecular Weight (g/mol): 78.098 InChI Key: IJKVHSBPTUYDLN-UHFFFAOYSA-N PubChem CID: 14768 IUPAC Name: dihydroxy(oxo)silane SMILES: O[Si](=O)O

Sodium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous, Multi-Compendial, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7558-79-4 Molecular Formula: HNa2O4P Molecular Weight (g/mol): 141.957 InChI Key: BNIILDVGGAEEIG-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: disodium hydrogen phosphate, disodium phosphate, disodium hydrogenorthophosphate, sodium phosphate dibasic, dibasic sodium phosphate, acetest, soda phosphate, disodium orthophosphate, sodium hydrogen phosphate, phosphoric acid, disodium salt PubChem CID: 24203 ChEBI: CHEBI:34683 IUPAC Name: disodium;hydrogen phosphate SMILES: OP(=O)([O-])[O-].[Na+].[Na+]

Tetrabutylammonium Phosphate, HPLC Grade, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5574-97-0 Molecular Formula: C16H38NO4P Molecular Weight (g/mol): 339.457 InChI Key: ARRNBPCNZJXHRJ-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: tetrabutylammonium dihydrogen phosphate, tetrabutylammonium phosphate, tetrabutylammonium dihydrogenphosphate, 1-butanaminium, n,n,n-tributyl-, phosphate 1:1, tetra-n-butylammonium phosphate, tetrabutylazanium dihydrogen phosphate, dihydrogen phosphate; tetrabutylazanium, dihydrogen phosphate; tetrabutylammonium, tetrabutyl ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, tetrabutylammonium ion dihydrogenphosphate ion PubChem CID: 2735142 IUPAC Name: dihydrogen phosphate;tetrabutylazanium SMILES: CCCC[N+](CCCC)(CCCC)CCCC.OP(=O)(O)[O-]


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