MP Biomedicals, Inc

MP Biomedicals™ Kim Wipes, for SafTest™ Test kits

Contains replacement consumables to run all Saftest™ test kits.

MP Biomedicals™ FastDNA™ SPIN Kit for Soil

Isolates DNA from cells present in soil or other environmental samples.   MP Biomedicals™ FastDNA™ SPIN Kit for Soil extracts DNA easily in a 2mL tube.

Cefsulodin Sodium Salt MP Biomedicals

CAS: 52152-93-9 Molecular Formula: C22H21N4NaO8S2+ Molecular Weight (g/mol): 556.54 InChI Key: GTZPOHRNWUTXNB-DWBVFMGKSA-O PubChem CID: 124203950

MP Biomedicals™ Mycoplasma Removal Agent

Eliminates mycoplasma contamination from cell cultures

MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep-24™ 5G Instrument

Delivering the most DNA, RNA and Proteins from the most resistant samples in less than 40 seconds.  MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep-24™ 5G Instrument  is a high-speed benchtop homogenizer.

MP Biomedicals™ Conical Tubes: 15mL, for SafTest™ Test kits

Contains replacement consumables to run all Saftest™ test kits.

MP Biomedicals™ Ampicillin, Sodium Salt

Serves a variety of purposes in cell culture, including selection, elimination of mycoplasma and microbial contamination, and prophylaxis

Ecolite(+) LC Fluid, MP Biomedicals

Liquid Scintillation Cocktails; Ecolite(+); MP Biomedical; Biodegradable

Ibuprofen, USP grade, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 15687-27-1 Molecular Formula: C13H18O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 206.285 MDL Number: MFCD00010393 InChI Key: HEFNNWSXXWATRW-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: α-Methyl-4-[2-methylpropyl] benzeneacetic acid, p-isobutylhydratropic acid PubChem CID: 3672 ChEBI: CHEBI:5855

MP Biomedicals™ SOC (Powder)

Maximizes the transformation efficiency of competent cells. MP Biomedicals SOC (Powder) is a special medium for incubating competent cells in the recovery step of E. coli cell transformations. It allows expression of transferred resistance genes before ex

MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep -24™ Classic Instrument

High-speed, digitally controlled benchtop homogenizer for the lysis of biological samples

MP Biomedicals™ Murashige and Skoog Media

All plant cell culture media are manufactured from high quality chemicals and reagents

MP Biomedicals™ Alpha-Amylase

From Bacillus subtilis

MP Biomedicals™ FastDNA™ SPIN Kit

Isolates genomic DNA from plants, animals, bacteria, yeast, algae, and fungi. Includes Lysing Matrix A and three different chaotropic buffers. DNA is purified by a silica-based GeneClean™ SPIN procedure and is suitable for PCR analysis and other downstream applications.

Ammonium sulphate, 99.8%, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 7783-20-2 Molecular Formula: H8N2O4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 132.134 InChI Key: BFNBIHQBYMNNAN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: Sulfuric acid diammonium salt PubChem CID: 6097028 ChEBI: CHEBI:62946

Polyvinyl Alcohol, White to off-white powder, MP Biomedicals

CAS: 9002-89-5 Molecular Formula: C2H4O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 44.053 InChI Key: IMROMDMJAWUWLK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: PVA, Gelvatols, Elvanol PubChem CID: 11199

MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep™-96 Instrument

High-speed, digitally controlled benchtop homogenizer for the lysis of biological samples.

Chloroform Molecular Biology MP Biomedicals

CAS: 67-66-3 Molecular Formula: CHCl3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 119.369 InChI Key: HEDRZPFGACZZDS-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: Formyl trichloride, Methane trichloride, Trichloroform PubChem CID: 6212 ChEBI: CHEBI:35255

HEPES Buffer, 1M Solution, Cell Culture Grade, MP Biomedicals

CAS: 7365-45-9 Molecular Formula: C8H18N2O4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 238.302 InChI Key: JKMHFZQWWAIEOD-UHFFFAOYSA-N PubChem CID: 23831 ChEBI: CHEBI:42334

Lithium Chloride Molecular Biology Reagent MP Biomedicals

CAS: 7447-41-8 Molecular Formula: ClLi Molecular Weight (g/mol): 42.39 InChI Key: KWGKDLIKAYFUFQ-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: Chlorku litu, Lithiumchlorid, Chlorure de lithium PubChem CID: 433294 ChEBI: CHEBI:48607

n-Undecane, 99.7%, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 1120-21-4 Molecular Formula: C11H24 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 156.313 InChI Key: RSJKGSCJYJTIGS-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: Hendecane, n-Undecane PubChem CID: 14257 ChEBI: CHEBI:46342

EcoLite(+) Scintillation Cocktail, MP Biomedicals

All Purpose, Environmentally Safe, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Ready-to-Use, For RIA and Receptor Assays, Forms no gel or phasing

MP Biomedicals™ Roll & Grow™ Plating Beads

Safely and easily spread yeast and bacterial cells

Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 7558-79-4 Molecular Formula: HNa2O4P Molecular Weight (g/mol): 141.957 InChI Key: BNIILDVGGAEEIG-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: Disodium hydrogen phosphate, Dibasic sodium phosphate, Disodium orthophosphate, Disodium phosphate, DSP, Phosphate of soda, Secondary sodium phosphate, sec-Sodium phosphate, Sodium hydrogenphosphate PubChem CID: 24203 ChEBI: CHEBI:34683

MP Biomedicals™ MPure™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit

Extract and isolate genomic DNA from forensic samples

β-Sitosterol, Practical grade, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 83-46-5 Molecular Formula: C29H50O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 414.718 InChI Key: KZJWDPNRJALLNS-VJSFXXLFSA-N Synonym: α-Dihydrofucosterol, 22, 23-Dihydrostigmasterol PubChem CID: 222284 ChEBI: CHEBI:27693

MP Biomedicals™ Empty FastPrep™ Tubes (non-skirted, no caps)

Available empty for those who wish to fill their own tubes. MP Biomedicals Empty FastPrep™ Tubes (non-skirted, no caps) are 2mL tubes that work with FastPrep or other bead-beater instruments to lsye, grind or homogenize samples.

Manganous Sulfate, MnSO4-H2O, MP Biomedicals

CAS: 10034-96-5 Molecular Formula: H2MnO5S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 169.009 InChI Key: ISPYRSDWRDQNSW-UHFFFAOYSA-L PubChem CID: 177577 ChEBI: CHEBI:86364