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New Alternative to Chlorinated Solvents

Ethyl Acetate Ethanol 3:1 Optima™ Solution reduces toxicity and environmental hazards. This pre-mixed solution can be used in flash and normal-phase chromatography.

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Introducing UHPLC-MS Optima Solvents

A new solvent grade, Optima UHPLC/MS, for mobile phases targeting trace analysis. Achieve a very low-mass noise level in both positive and negative mode ionization, minimal metal ion content and very low UHPLC/UV response using photo diode array detection.

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TraceMetal Grade Acids and Bases

Fisher Chemical high-purity acids and bases have set the standard of excellence for demanding applications. Popular instrument systems, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, require samples prepared with the highest purity acids.

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Optima and GC Resolv Methylene Chloride

Raw material screening, optimized distillation processes and packaging innovations help to maintain a higher purity. Quality by design manufacturing ensures quality in every bottle. Achieve interference-free baseline during trace analysis of standards.

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